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If you haven’t heard of Champagne Boizel then it’s because they have only just launched in Australia. With a 180 year history, Boizel is one of the world’s leading Champagne brands and is positioned on the prestigious Ave De Champagne in Champagne, France. Champagne Boizel is the story of one family, over five generations and their inextricable link to their vineyards in the heart of the Épernay region of Champagne. Founded in 1834, Boizel is reputed for producing wines that are delicate, complex and a true expression of the Champagne region and its grandeur. Boise’s most famous and popular champagne is the Brut Reserve,  Cuvee obtained by a precise blend of three Champagne varieties – Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier.

To celebrate the launch of Boizel, 6th generation Boizel family member, Florent Roques Boizel, was here for the launch and we had a chat about what it’s like to be part of a Champagne dynasty and to learn more about the brand.


As a 6th generation member of the Boizel family, what’s it like growing up in a family that is steeped in so much history with Champagne.


Growing up it was a great privilege to have so much history surrounding me and live in a region producing some of the most prestigious wine in the world.

Both of my parents were involved in the Maison so it felt very natural for us to be surrounded by the vineyards, it was a part of my life and still is. When I was much smaller I thought it was the way everyone lived. There was a certain sense of responsibility to continue the legacy but my parents never put any pressure on us to continue the tradition. When my brother and myself decided to commit to the Maison they were extremely happy but more so because it was based our own passion and personal choice.


It’s exciting to see your brand and range being launched in Australia. What can you tell us about the Boizel brand and what is special about your brand.


We are very excited to officially launch in Australia. In the last decade we have seen the interest and passion for champagne growing in this market and it has become an import market to champagne (the province).  We think that the Australian customers are knowledgeable and passionate. There is also a very dynamic and diverse restaurant culture in Australia featuring a large offering of cuisines and to pair that with Champagne is very exciting for us.


We have a strong commitment to producing top quality champagne. I think our family’s connection to the Champagne is what makes it so special,  to have continuity with the house and have it run and made by the same family for six generations is quite unique.


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What do you think makes Champagne so special?


I think its two fold, firstly I think about it as a wine, what makes it special is combination of micro climates which is unique to the region and the type of soil it grows in.

Also more importantly is the human influence in this region and the work of other regions that gives life to the wine making and blending culture.

The other aspect of it is that Champagne is always associated with celebration – it is the wine that has brought joy to the whole world. I think you feel a certain happiness when you open a bottle of champagne and there’s always a reason to celebrate when you have a bottle of great champagne.



Is there a rule about what food/s you should and shouldn’t have with Champagne?


There is no rule in Champagne, for us as producers it’s important to be open minded to ensure customers feel comfortable to try new things.

Champagne is a great wine because it has so many varying pairing opportunities based on its natural freshness and acidity. The most important thing is to enjoy the pleasure of eating and drinking.


In addition to the Brut Reserve, Boizel are also introducing three other wines to Australia from its coveted collection. The much-loved Rosé, which is mostly dominated by Pinot Noir, will be the perfect summer aperitif. As will the Grand Vintage 2004, which is 50% Chardonnay, and the pinnacle of the range; the Joyau de France 2000, which literally translates to “Jewel of France” which is mostly Pinot Noir and is a great wine with complex aromas.

The exciting and elegant Boizel Brut Réserve Champagne is bound to be the drink of choice in the busy festive season ahead.

Champagne Boizel is now available at

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