As twilight descends, Cecil street comes alive. The delicious aroma of paprika and chili wafts down the sidewalk, mingled with the sweet scent of caramel and baked goods. The sizzling of sausages can be heard from one direction, while crepes are flipped and ice cream scooped in another. Further down the street, La Rumba gypsy flamenco band serenade passerby’s with up-beat guitar folk music.

Now in its sixth year, this is the 2015 launch of the South Melbourne Night Market. Not as flashy or as crowded as the Queen Vic Twilight Market, there is a notable community atmosphere here. Families, couples and singles alike, wander under the verandah on Coventry and Cecil Street excited to explore the art and craft offerings but undoubtedly ready to sample some food.

Expect to see handmade jewellery, vintage postcards, cute cactus pots and lemonade scented scrubs and cleansers.

Food most certainly takes pride of place at the South Melbourne Night Market. Don’t fret though, you won’t have to wait in over-long queues to sample taste sensations here! Whether you desire restaurant quality food and service or delightful bites from food trucks, your needs will be met. Claypot Evening Star restaurant on the corner of York and Cecil has superb seafood in a relaxed environment. Scallops, chili mussels, barbecued squid or the juicy prawns stand out!

If you’re not after a sit-down, restaurant dinner then you’re greeted with a multitude of street food offerings. Your only problem will be deciding how many you can visit before you’re too full! You can’t have a market without some tasty sausages in sight and Snag Stand luckily comes to the rescue with their offering of snags drizzled with guac, mustard, cheese, or ketchup and other modern garnishes. For more snacky foods, FrenCheese holds the answer, dishing up exquisite cheeses!


Further along, ‘White Guy Cooks Thai’ will leave your tastebuds demanding more. A bite of the vegetarian spring rolls filled with wombok, mushroom and edamame and their Thai coleslaw will transport you to a street market in South-East Asia. Vegetarians are sure to be happy too with Overdosa serving up Indian vegetarian friendly appetisers. Don’t leave without trying their Potato Mascala!

After all that food, you’ll be sure to be thirsty, so walk over to SO:ME Space for a taste of summer in a cocktail! Sip on the ‘Red Hummingbird’ to enjoy vanilla, strawberry and guava with a hit of Bacardi. Other standout options include the Espresso Martini and Tommy’s Margarita. For a non alcoholic beverage, head over to, ‘Those Girls’, for a refreshing iced tea.


You can’t leave the market without satisfying your sweet teeth and luckily there are plenty of choices at the South Melbourne Night Market. Try some French crepes, sweet almonds or Italian gelati. Better yet, give ‘St. Gerry’s Delicious Desserts’ a go. Indulge in one of their fudge puppies (waffle on a stick) or a tray of freshly cooked greek donuts filled with salted caramel or drizzled in hazelnut chocolate. St Gerry’s delivers a true sugar rush that will leave you with a smile on your face! 

Mark your calendars ladies and gentleman and visit the South Melbourne Market on Thursday nights from 5:30 until the 5th of March.

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