Australian superstar Delta Goodrem has launched her third fragrance, Destiny, following from the success of her first two fragrances, Delta and Destiny. The third fragrance, a delightful mix of mandarin mist, blackcurrant, waterlily and juicy apricot nectar as top notes, followed by mid and base notes of tiger orchid, night blooming jasmine, orange flower essence, plum blossom, rosewood, tonka bean, vanilla elixir and patchouli leaf create a beautiful scent for every discerning woman. We caught up with Delta ahead of the launch of Destiny.

Congratulations on Destiny, your third fragrance! How does it feel to be launching this new fragrance after the success of the first two, Delta and Dream?

Thank you! I’m excited about Destiny. It’s the third fragrance in this trilogy and I’m excited for people to try it. For me, the trilogy started with Delta which represented the start of the amazing journey I’ve been on. Dream was all about visualising the path and journey and it culminates in Destiny which is all about reminding people of their journey and bringing those dreams to life and fulfilling their destiny.


You’ve had such success with both Delta and Dream, how did that make you feel going into developing your third fragrance?

I felt like I had a different sense of myself going into this, and looking at the year ahead and imagining what that would entail, helped me with the approach going into developing Destiny. After the noir fragrance of Dream, I felt that with Destiny I could start a fresh. I wanted to find scents and flavours that we hadn’t tapped into yet. Whilst the florals and freshness really worked with Delta and I love the depth of Dream, I found that in Destiny, I had a palette of different scents that was very fitting for where we are now. I wanted this fragrance to feel like it has a sensuality and feminity but it is also warm and balanced with a sense of freshness.


Why did you choose these notes?

We took our time in finding the notes for this fragrance. I went searching for new scents that would inspire me and wanted to see what was out there; seeing what people are loving and gravitating to. It’s like music, there’s always a trend as to what’s out there so I explored what was out there.

There’s a lot of elements in this fragrance, lots of notes – top, bottom and middle – a lot of cooking! We did throw different elements into the fragrance during the trial period to see whether or not it would work. My girlfriends helped a lot during the trial period to help us get it just right.


Often scents evoke memories. Did you bring any of these scents into the making of Destiny? 

I feel like I’m in a new era of my life, so I didn’t bring much from my past into making Destiny. I felt like that they could be left behind and this was a fresh start. I feel different this year and that’s how I approached developing this scent. Dream reminded me of a different chapter of my life and I think because I’m writing new music and I’m headed into a new moment and it starts with this fragrance.


What’s your favourite part of the perfume making process?

I love when we get to do the sampling and test it on my friends. I will test lots of my friends and I won’t tell them what’s in the sample or tell them what I’m leaning towards. It’s all about whether the scent works for them and getting feedback. It’s great when you get that unanimous vote, you know you’ve hit the right spot!

But I do love the whole process and take a holistic approach to the process. I’m involved in all aspects and taking the time for the detail is what I love to do. It’s the same approach I take across the board in my career. Everything has to work together to make magic!


You’ve got a multitude of different things going on, how do you manage to keep up with everything on your plate?

I have a great team around me! With a great team, you can move forward with the right purpose so I’m lucky that helps me! I’m also a person that strongly aware that life is happening now so I try to do that with the utmost positivity. I can safely say I laugh and dance through life!


What is the meaning of the charms on the fragrance bottle?

There is a key and a heart charm on the bottle. The idea of the charms is that represents unlocking what is holding you back from fulfilling your destiny. Definitely loved the symbolism of it and it’s a good reminder for those who see the charms when they use the fragrance.


Christmas is just around the corner and there are some amazing gift sets of Delta, Dream and Destiny available. What do you want people to feel when they open up one of your fragrances on Christmas day?

I love Christmas very much so I’m excited it’s only around the corner! I want people to feel special on Christmas day if they have one of my fragrances. I want them to feel like they’re in the right place, right now leading towards their destiny.


What’s next for Delta in 2020?

I’m going to be taking some time off over Christmas but in the new year there will be new music! I’m excited about being the artist, the creative and having fun with everyone. The Voice will also be back so I have a very busy year ahead!


Destiny by Delta Goodrem – 100ml EDP – $49.99 is available now from Chemist Warehouse

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