After the success of her first fragrance, Delta by Delta Goodrem, Australia’s favourite songstress, Deltra Goodrem, has launched her second fragrance, Dream. A sensuous fragrance that opens with tempting top notes of  juicy nectarine, wild moon flower and whipped orris, with added heart notes of almond milk, gardenia petals, iris blonde woods and heliotrope, Dream is a floral woody musk fragrance that evokes a feeling of smooth sensuality by mimicking the elegant scents of nature.

Created in conjunction with leading Australian fragrance manufacturer and distributor Bondi Perfume Co, Dream was forged from Delta’s true belief that producing her first fragrance was a “dream come true”.

We caught up with Delta to chat to her about her new fragrance!

Congratulations on your new fragrance, Dream. What inspired the name?

What’s the first thing that happens before you make something come true? It’s a dream! So it’s the dream, that becomes a vision which you start to see and you write it down and then you put in the schedule to make it happen! I really wanted to inspire people to dream, whether in their sleep or on the go. I really wanted that message to come across.

I also am an avid collector of Dream catchers! Next to my bed one day, I picked up one that was a mood and star and it was at the time I was thinking about this fragrance and it struck me that this was the perfect continuation of my fragrance story. You’ll find this Dream catcher on the bottle.


Your first fragrance was such a hit, how did you feel about creating something, other than music, that people love?

I love variety and creative expression and feel that these principles apply to everything I do.  If you know thy self, and you know what you like and know where you sit in any space,  then you can navigate your way. I know where I sit in music, I know it like the back of my hand. So in the world of perfume, it was about creating something classic and timeless.

For me it’s been exciting to create something and find a place in the perfume space.  I’m not a person who always immerses myself in trends but I like to be aware of trends and enjoy them but I also believe in timeless so it was about finding that balance. And for me, I started to noticed what my friends are wearing, asking them and seeing what I naturally wear and am drawn to. My first fragrance was fresh, feminine and elegant for everyone, but this one I wanted it to be more sensual for my girls and age group!


What are the special touches you’ve put into the fragrance?

You don’t see a lot of products out there with my name on it because when I want to be involved, I need to truly understand all the details and facets involved and have my handprint all over it! Australians know me so well and know when I’m authentic! My fans know me and who I am and know that if I’m going to be involved it has to come from me.  I think you have to be part of the process and love passionately what I’m giving to people otherwise I won’t do it!

So I was involved in this from the start, selecting the notes and whittling it down to the top ones I liked. Then it’s about putting it all together, like a recipe and testing it out with people until you get the one that everyone loves! I tested it out with people I knew to see their response. It’s like my songs. I play all my friends my songs and I can tell from their reactions which ones they like and those that stick  I took samples to my friends and this one was unanimously loved by everyone so it was the one!


You’re a stalwart on our entertainment scene and you must be super busy! What do you do to keep your beauty regime going?

When it comes to beauty I think nothing should be excessive, it’s about the balance and moderation of different elements. It’s kind of the way I generally approach life – balance and moderation.

I’ve gone through different phases in beauty. When I started I was 14/15 years old and since then I’ve been through different phases of skin with some really bad moment. Now it’s just keeping a routine that I do morning and night! One of my biggest things is drinking water and making sure I drink enough to keep my skin hydrated.  One of my biggest beauty tips is to never leave makeup on at the end of the day. It’s a must!


Dream, by Delta Goodrem is available exclusively from Chemist Warehouse, My Chemist and My Beauty Spot stores nationwide in addition to online at in 30ml ($29.99), and 100ml ($49.99).

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