After her recent success in New York, Couturing catch up with Natalie Chapman to talk her new collection Silhouette, New York, and inspirations behind the label.

When asked about her recent trip to the Big Apple, Natalie describes how New York has become like a second home to her, “I have a great network of friends and a great amount of support”. She rubbed shoulders with the elite and received the nod of approval from both Oscar De La Renta’s marketing manager and Saks Fifth Avenues Stylist, Natalie stating that “It’s the one thing I love about New York! You never know whom you’re going to meet”. It was a relief for her to hear that she has something that the fashion industry will love, and Natalie has been able to make more and more progress and develop her brand even further, saying that “the feedback is important and gives you so much clarity”.


Natalie’s recent collection Silhouette was inspired by the New York woman, but when asked if these luxurious pieces would suit the Australian woman, Natalie responded “Absolutely! Australian women appreciate quality and high fashion. It’s what I have built my brand around. The high-powered young woman on the go fit’s into my market perfectly. Whether you’re in New York, Australia or any busy metropolitan area in the world, the NATALIE CHAPMAN panel dresses are ready to wear for work and leisure”.

The Panel Dress is an essential piece of the collection, Natalie describing the purple and nude panel dress as her favourite, calling it her ‘Chanel Dress.’ “This dress has inspired my next collection. You can wear it day and night feeling confident and chic. It’s that one piece I will always wear through each season”.

When asked how New York has inspired her to grow her collection in a certain way, Natalie said “the fashion industry in New York is quite conservative. Women have a disposable income and they’re passionate about fashion. This demographic of women will purchase that favourite classic piece.  In New York you have a display of high-end designers, to mass market [pieces] of Zara, H&M and more. You have the luxury of purchasing a great fashion piece and styling with basics from the mass-market options. It is very easy to build a wardrobe with mass-market basics”.


From this research, Natalie describes her panel dress as being a great success in the NYC market. Natalie describes that she can stand out by “adding in my prints to the new collections. I will always have the panel dresses that suit every young woman. I will offer them to be conservative with prints and colour. Amongst the dresses I will finish the collection with the quality style pieces to complete a great outfit”.

We hope to see a lot more of Natalie Chapman in the future, and for Natalie, 2014 will be a very exciting year. “We have great opportunities coming up to develop the brand in both Australia and the US. You can expect to see NATALIE CHAPMAN turn into a complete collection showcasing at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Australia and New York”. Natalie looks forward to growing her teams in both countries as she develops a strong Australian designed brand whilst becoming international, Natalie stating she “will always keep the Aussie in NATALIE CHAPMAN.”

Images courtesy of Natalie Chapman.


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