Climate change, saving the environment and making green choices seem hard when living in the big city. But Melbourne is taking the initiative to recruit a number of artists, events, workshops and activities in and around Melbourne from the 9th-26th February, with most of the events happening this weekend (15th-17th). If you own a café and aren’t sure where to start, are thinking about growing a small herb garden on your apartment windowsill, or just want to have a look at Melbourne’s sustainable plans for the future. Couturing has picked out some of the festivals biggest and best events to get your thumb turning green.

Veggie Swap: Bulleen

What better way to meet fellow friends of the earth than at a veggie swap. Bring your organic or home grown fruit, vegetables and herbs, and trade with the locals. The best part about it, money is of no use here! Veggie Swap thrives off the community and the customers’ love of food. If you don’t own your own garden, you have the opportunity to swap recipes, preservatives and eggs. 


Look. Stop. Swap.

Following the trend of free goods, Look. Stop. Swap. Is hosted by the city of Melbourne and curated by Three Thousands. Go on a journey with a host of cafes, retailers and restaurants sharing ideas on how sustainable living works for them as a business. Similar to Veggie Swap, some cafes allow you to bring a piece of fruit or eggs in exchange for baked goods; Melbourne Central offers Little Library for a book swap; bring in five tins of food to Foodbank Victoria in exchange for Vanishing Elephant socks or bring in a record, vintage teacup or souvenir spoon and receive a free fringe trim, braid or hair treatment from Kenny and the Sunshine Girls.

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Freddie @ Fed

It’s no doubt that Melbourne’s lack of housing and housing affordability is a current concern for many; yet with houses in the suburbs being cheaper to rent but not exactly sustainably viable, Freddie @ Fred have found the solution. They have a new plan for housing in Melbourne, with the use of shipping containers that provide grey water service and a composting toilet, this cosy apartment for one could be the cure Melbourne’s housing community needs. Freddie won the International Design Competition in the UK as a proposed plan to house the homeless and make room for new Melbourne residences. Freddie @ Fed will be open to the public at Federation Square from the 15th– 24th February.


Fix It!

We’ve all been in the situation where we’ve had something that’s broke and haven’t had the time or money to get it fixed- so it becomes rubbish. If this is you then don’t throw it out! Bring your appliance, chair, whatever it is that needs fixing and learn how to DIY. Tools are provided and best of all, it’s free!

11pm-3pm, Sunday 17th February @ the River Promenade, Federation Square


World’s Biggest Organic Feast

What’s a sustainable living festival without a Sunday organic food feast. Hosted by Costa Georgiadis, (who not only knows food, but landscape architecture and plants too) this event will have you savvy in all aspects of sustainable living. From organic food producers to home growers, feast on fine food that hasn’t touched a conveyer belt or chemicals and taste the difference.

12pm-3pm, 17th February @ Food Village, Birrarung Marr


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