Dive into the wonders of the deep blue sea with a new skincare supplement made with the beauty benefits of marine elements. Australian Natural Care (ANC) has launched its new Marine Collagen Plus Minerals supplement, a science-based beauty product designed to help improve skin elasticity,
strengthen nails and increase hair growth.

ANC Naturopath Vanessa Gagliardi says Marine Collagen Plus Minerals is packed with marine collagen offering a therapeutic benefit to hair, skin and nails without compromising on taste or solubility. “A lot of the beauty industry is focused on the outside, however we think the inside is just as important. We want our customers to feel great and let their inner beauty glow, which is exactly what this product aims to do,” Vanessa said.

“As we mature, the body’s collagen production starts to decline, especially in women. This means our skin’s health and overall structure is compromised, causing fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of ageing. Collagen is the most widely available protein in the human body, particularly present in the skin, connective tissues and bones. It’s responsible for giving our skin strength and elasticity, and is involved in the replacement of dead skin cells. We haven’t selected just any type of marine collagen – rigorous testing has shown it can help increase skin elasticity by up to 15 per cent after four weeks of use. Identified as type I collagen, it’s a rich source and the most abundant kind found in the skin.” she added.


Not only is there a minimum 3g of hydrolysed collagen per sachet, Marine Collagen Plus Minerals has added cofactors such as vitamin C, biotin, nicotinamide, copper, manganese, selenium and zinc. These additions make ANC’s product different than others on the market and they’ve worked with a specialised US product development team to bring this unique formula to the market.

It is recommended that you take one sachet of Marine Collagen Plus Minerals once a day for at least four weeks. The addition of Marine Collagen Plus Minerals to your favourite morning warm drink, juice, milk, smoothie or acai bowl makes it an easy option to consider as part of your daily routine.

Also available is ANC’s Marine Collagen Ultra, which offers 5g of hydrolysed collagen per serve, great for those looking to really boost their collagen intake. Marine Collagen Ultra is free of flavour and is easy to take. The Marine Collagen Plus Minerals range and Marine Collagen Ultra is dairy free, gluten free, and contains no added sugar or artificial colours.

ANC’s Marine Collagen Plus Minerals range is available in three flavours: original, citrus- lime and cranberry, and Marine Collagen Ultra is flavour free. Each product dissolves brilliantly in liquids so there are no lumpy bits.

For more information on ANC products, visit a-n-c.com, or find ANC on Facebook and Instagram.

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