Shock-king Matcho Suba launched his AW12/13 collection “Chernobyl” in surreal style tonight. Decadently macabre, Suba’s collection is based around the 1986 nuclear disaster in the Ukraine; a historical event which Suba notes is still having effects today.


“This collection is really personal for me,” Suba explains. Speaking of his youth in Slovakia at the time of the nuclear accident, he says, “It was so close to us, but didn’t touch us.”


“Lots of people don’t know what Chernobyl was,” he explains. “But it’s still there, it’s still happening.”



His collection serves as a reminder of the disastrous event and its ongoing effects, incorporating broken doll pieces as homage to the fragmented lives of survivors.


Heavily tactile, the collection abounds in pleather, lace, PVC, fringing, and gold-pearl studding: unconventional fabrics thrown together in classic Suba fashion. Models strolled through the decidedly surreal launch-installation wearing toy-doll crowns and gas mask headpieces, some with pearl-studded pleather dust masks, which merged into chained headpieces as the show progressed.


The details are evidently important for Suba, from moniker-embellished clutches, to studded radioactive symbols on skirts and blouses; the collection is sombre with an element of whimsy.

Delicate black flowered lace appeared as a soft touch against the stark shapes of pleather in structured vests with studded spines. Models wore savagely long black nails, and peasant-style headscarves with a modern, pleathered twist.


One or two vividly coloured jersey pieces in hues of rust and lime throw the darker, chain-layered pieces into relief, a halation which highlights the light and shade of this epic collection.


“There’s a hidden message,” Suba explains. “I like shocking people for good reasons… I like to shake them up a little bit.”


Decadent and unconventional, Suba’s latest collection is beautifully and skilfully crafted, with meticulous attention to detail; and is certain to cause a stir.


Melbourne-based Suba will make his eclectic designs available through the launch of an online store later this year.

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