It’s summer! The time to socialise more, party more, and make friends that you’d like to listen to Marvin Gaye with if you catch my drift. Whether it’s a summer fling or whether the candle burns longer you’re going to have to get the first date out of the way. And I’m sorry to say it, ladies, but when it comes to first date destinations, this one’s all you. The days of, “i’ll pick you up at eight” only live on through the silver screen.
So what type of venue do you pitch?
Here are a few places us men would like to be taken on a first date.


One rule: you can only use your left hand. This rules out any natural talent and makes for a cute competition. Plus Strike is a licensed venue which, unlike your bowling, can never go astray on a first date.


The aquarium doesn’t cover a lot of ground space which means idle strolling, something to keep you occupied while you make googly eyes. When he tells you the aquarium is for chumps tell him you just want to go see the sharks. Guys love sharks. It’s a fact.


South Melbourne or Suzuki Night Markets are great, a lot of men are of the persuasion that if there’s no food there’s no date. Night markets are the perfect way to get your fill without sitting rigid at a table for ninety minutes and most dishes are small so you can portion various flavours.


Dandenong is home to Australia’s largest drive in cinema, the Lunar Drive in Theatre. Nostalgic Americana tells us this is the best first date idea ever. At Lunar they don’t stick to the gimmicky flicks like other drive-ins so, if you wan’t to watch the latest, you can. They’re open every day but be sure to rock up thirty minutes prior to the movie, as they don’t take reservations, it’s just first in first served. You’ll know if the dates going well if you miss half the film due to foggy windows.


Comedy night is always a hit, but not in a theatre where you can feel the person behind you laughing hot air down your neck. Go to a bar for a stand up comedy night and have a drink because men love beer and laughing.


Any beach is a sandy hub of male domain. Barbecues, board shorts, and amateur ball games are rife so if you want to make a man feel comfortable, you take him to the beach. Getting away from the hustle and needles that is St Kilda you should take your date down to South Melbourne beach, this placid location has a pier frequented by anglers but looks more suitable for jumping off in romantic spontaneity. Also the Prince Alfred Hotel is at hand with an adventurous cocktail list.


Located on level 1/ 252 Flinders lane, sits the ideal first date location Lustre. The bar serves cocktails and desserts with a focus on lavish charm without being pretentious. Music volume is always reigned in which is ideal for the first date chatter and leaves your beau feeling like Denny Crane, smoking and drinking scotch on the balcony that over looks Flinders lane.

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