Exhibited in this years spring London Fashion Week, the world’s favorite designers captivated those in attendance with bright colours and lavish ensembles. The artistry, however, extended past the confides of the catwalk to the cobblestones of the London streets. Extravagant and inspiring, the style of every London lovely, from Victoria Beckham to Alexa Chung, all but stole the show, revealing everything from thigh high leather boots to multi-colored eyebrows, and fluorescent runners.

Many trends appeared throughout the London streets, in particular the Statement Clutch. An easy trend to re-create, obtaining a bright clutch or colourful bag will bring you closer to the London look. A popular trend was matching your brightly coloured bag to a jacket or top of the same colour, a style working especially well for those in multi-colored pants. Vivacious prints were next in line, with tasteful layering of textures just as prominent. Leather in all cuts and styles was a popular choice, as was fur – in almost every colour.

The inspiring spontaneity of each outfit, such as the pairing of a maroon fur vest over a burgundy jacket, over a flannel shirt with white pants, possess a dramatic impact against the London scenery. Whilst some appear to have missed the boat on what is stylish – an interesting Cinderella-like ensemble more suited to a costume party comes to mind – the majority showed exciting collaborations of textures and colours, and patterns.


The sheer variety of fashion was particularly amazing. Vivid colours, wild patterns, and fiery statement pieces proved there really are no boundaries when it comes to high fashion. Lana Del rey’s classic, conservative white dress was in stark contrast to the bright orange pantsuit worn by Rosie Huntington-Whitely. Equally, the full-length leather coat modeled by Kate Moss appeared very futuristic in comparison to the neutral grey jumper and shorts styled on Alexa Chung.


The superb variety of outfits, themed with the beautiful London backdrop, created the perfect scene for international designers to parade their creations. With everything from metallic silver gowns to simple all black ensembles, the streets of London proved to be as dominant a catwalk as the ones they lead too. The London Fashion Week is a fabulous celebration of fashion, beauty and individuality; it is just unfortunate that this amazing event had to end!

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