L'Oreal Paris Runway Six Model Shot
LMFF’s Runway 06, presented by Cosmopolitan Magazine, took on a 5th Element vibe with a Leeloo-esque heroine. Strong facial features were highlighted with warm brown, gold, beige, rose and bronzed terracotta, framed with  intense, fiery red bangs. The  overall look created a dynamic palette that was softened with golden hues, creating the perfect balance without being too overbearing.
To achieve the look, Nude Magique BB Cream was used as a base, which was then dusted with Nude Magique BB Powder. Brows were emphasized with Colour Riche Le Sourcil in Deep Brown to create a more intense frame for the eye, which was lined with Colour riche le khol in Immaculate Snow. 
Watson X Watson110


The eyelids were contoured with Les Ombres Eyeshadow in Timeless Beige and Colour Appeal Mono in Golden Shimmer to add extra definition, creating a doe-eyed effect. Lashes were coated with False Lash Telescopic in Magnetic Black to give that extra oomph.



To soften and warm the lips, makeup artists used Colour Riche in Rose Tendre and cheeks were buffed with Glam Bronze La Terra and Nude Magique BB Blush to create a subtle, warm glow. Finally, hair was made into a focal point, dyed with Preference in Intense Red.
L’Oréal Professionnel Ambassador Caterina Di Biase explained how subtle texture is a key element to the style, giving it a modern and wearable feel.  “This look is all about a pop of colour – it’s everywhere at the moment. Beautiful, intense, vibrant red. We have a short bob length, just like Karlie Kloss; but we’ve kept this gorgeous texture through the lengths with a long sweeping fringe. It keeps it feeling modern,” says Caterina Di Biase.

This powerful look worked well on the catwalk with the couture of designers such as Saveus, Watson X Watson, Cylk, Bul, and Blessed Are The Meek.


Bursts of cerulean, China blue, onyx and cobalt created fireworks with the statement look of the models, creating a fiery display of bright colours and fierce beauty.


Images courtesy of L’Oréal Melbourne Fashion FestivalL’Oréal Paris and Lucas Dawson Photography






Cylk118 Bul449 Bul422 Bul232 Blessed Are The Meek443



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