Andy Murphy, renowned Australian DJ and music festival regular, has put down his headphones and painted a nail for YGAP’s latest campaign. We caught up with the new dad and Painted Man ambassador working on abolishing violence against children and remaining a positive role model.


Why did you decide to take part in the Polished Man campaign?

After becoming a father this year, I naturally felt really strongly about this issue and so the campaign resonated with me. I was shocked to hear how many children live with abuse. I wanted to help in any way I could. I also appreciate all the great work that Y-gap do, especially the manner in which they convey their messages.

Globally 1 in 5 children are affected by violence before the age of 18. How aware were you of these statistics before becoming involved with YGAP?

I was completely unaware that so many children live with abuse and was absolutely shocked that this number was so high. This fact alone helped drive my decision to help with the campaign.


What can Australian men and women do to help prevent violence against children? 

The culture of violence must be changed. Violence in any form should not be accepted and there must be a cultural shift in society. Campaigns like Polished Man help bring attention to this and get people talking AND spreading the message. Painting a nail might not seem like much but if this gives the courage for one person to stand up against violence then it has been successful.

How has fatherhood changed your understanding of a positive male role model?  

It’s extremely important to be a good role model for my daughter and instil values and morals to help her become a well rounded individual.  I definitely have a new respect for my parents and parents in general.

Who is your greatest role model? 

Definitely my parents, who have been excellent role models for me and my siblings. They have always been there for support and loving guidance.

How is your wife Laura supporting your involvement with this campaign? Does she prefer a Polished Man?

Laura loves the campaign and what it stands for and is very supportive of my involvement. It is so easy to paint a nail and it is definitely something anyone can get behind. We had a fantastic first father’s day at the Polished Man lunch where she learnt even more about the campaign. We also had a fun family experience with baby Harper’s first photoshoot for the campaign.

You can show your support for this year’s campaign, buy your own Polished Man pillow cases from Linen House. To find out more about the Polished Man campaign click here.

Polished Man – The Murphys at the Blackman from YGAP on Vimeo.

Images by Sabine Legrand, shot on location at the Blackman Hotel

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