While a bride might have their wedding bands sorted for their big day, sometimes they still need to accessorise their dress with a bit of sparkle. ICE Online offer a great range of jewellery to suit any budget. Couturing catches up with the Managing Director of ICE Online, Nick Molnar, to find out more about their designs.

1. Affordable jewellery is a must for many brides, what price ranges are we expected to see on ICE Online for high quality pieces?

Firstly, all our pieces are of high quality. The beauty about ICE Online is that if you are after a special piece for that special day, we provide a choice of either gold or a near replica in silver. Most of our silver pieces are set with natural gem stones and diamond. It is not up to us to tell a bride how much she is to spend on her wedding day, but provide her with options to make her feel glamorous and special. She can spend as little as $65 or as much as $1000 and we will give her the exact service and quality.


2. What do you think sets ICE Online apart from other jewellery retailers, particularly when shopping for bridal jewellery?

A bride generally chooses her accessories after she selects her dress, shoes and hair style. Her jewellery is the “icing on the cake” so to speak, in completing her style for her important day. Unfortunately, often  at the time of selecting her jewellery many other decisions are being made, and the bride is generally very short of time. ICE provides an extensive range that  can be perused after hours. The bride is not restricted to retail hours and we also provide the Top 10 Gifts for Brides for those who are time poor.


3. Every Bride is unique, and all want to look exquisite on that special day, does ICE online cater for a wide range of styles?

Not only does ICE provide a vast range to cater for many styles, but also specialises in matching sets. If the bride does not want to be too synchronised, we also provide options to compliment her initial choice. Another aspect of ICE that is lacking out in the retail stores is the array of gemstones. Beautiful pastel stones such as morganite are a perfect colour for a blushing bride. Not many jewellers carry that stone and if by any chance they do, it is very expensive. This is not the case at ICE.


4. A bride not only has to decorate herself, but often her bridesmaids too. Does ICE online offer pieces for the whole bridal party?

Bridesmaid jewellery is also our specialty. Once the bride has made her selection, ICE recommends other options to compliment. We assist by selecting and displaying other products that work to make a story which can be used for the bridesmaids. Remember that a bride coordinates everything for her wedding, right down to the serviettes. How fabulous and easy is it to have us bring choices to her.


5. Are you noticing any trends in bridal jewellery, such as a shift away from the traditional?

I would like to say that brides have moved away from the traditional choices when it comes to her jewellery, but sadly this is not the case. I honestly believe it is because there has not been enough choices for the bride and her maids. I am so excited to provide options for this sector of the jewellery industry. Our range of beautiful stones hopefully will inspire the entire wedding party.


6. What advice can you give to brides buying jewellery on ICE Online who are wary of online shopping?

My advice to any wary customer, especially a bride, is to check that the jewellery is associated with the Jeweller Association of Australia (JAA) and that all products come certified. All our products have intensive information in regards to the stones and gold and because of this, what you buy is exactly what is stated.

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