For an occasion as important and special as a honeymoon, we all want our tresses to be beautiful. Whether you’re off to the sunny Maldives or the Swiss Alps, we went to get some top tips to make sure your hair is in tip top shape, from Dario Cotroneo of DARIO Salon in Darlinghurst.

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While many of us never forget to jet off with a bottle of sunscreen, when it comes to hair on holiday, it often gets neglected. Soaking up the rays all day is great, but prolonged exposure can make hair dull and lose its shine. Give your hair the same SPF treatment as your skin by bringing along a broad-spectrum sun protection hair spray. This will keep your hair smooth and prevent the drying effects of the sun.

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Try Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil RRP $49.95


Low maintenance styles work best for honeymoons, and nothing screams ‘holiday’ more than mermaid beach waves. For an effortless, undone look, use MYCURL to curl large sections of hair, and finish by spritzing a generous amount of beach spray through your strands. This carefree style doesn’t take hours to achieve, and is the perfect reflection of how you should be feeling on your honeymoon.

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The most common thing most people suffer from in a hot or humid environment is frizz. Pack a travel-sized humidity spray or straightening cream to smooth your strands. The best part? It’ll also give your hair a great shine, so you’re killing two birds with one stone.

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Try KMS California Hair Stay Anti Humidity Seal $26.95



If you’re jetting off to a wintery destination, the air will be dryer, which can cause hair to lose its natural sheen and not reflect light as well. Regular blow-drying or straightening only worsens this. Pack a hair-mask or a heat protectant (travel-sized, of course), to keep your hair ultra-luscious and shiny.

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Try Kiehl’s Superbly Smoothing Argan Hair Pak RRP $40.00


The dryness of winter leads to dehydrated hair, which ups the frequency of split ends and breakage – a less than ideal situation for honeymoon locks. The solution is to keep hair hydrated, so bring along a deep conditioning oil or treatment to apply to the ends.

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Try Matrix Exquisite Oil Replenishing Treatment $23.78


Hat hair can be a major problem during winter. After wearing a beanie or hat all day, your strands become limp and flat. Before you head out for the day, apply some volumising powder or sea-salt spray for extra lift at the roots, this will keep your hair fuller for longer underneath your winter gear.


Constantly pulling sweaters and coats on and off causes friction on the underside of your hair, creating unsightly and painful knots. Combat this by keeping some anti-frizz cream nearby, or run a moisturizing detangler through your locks before you start your day. Keeping a shine serum in your bag for touch ups on the go is also handy.

Screen shot 2014-11-04 at 10.25.41 AMTry Redken Smooth Lock Stay Sleek Leave In Cream $29.00

Definitely carry around a compact (travel size) Tangle Teezer to help smooth locks and keep tangles at bay.

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Try a travel size Tangle Teezer

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