Nicole Trunfio can truly do it all. A stunning supermodel in her own right, she recently showed her mentor chops on the first season of The Face Australia, walked countless runways, and now is the face of QVB‘s SS14.15 campaign. We speak to her about the campaign, The Face, and what makes a model special.

How do you find working with Nicole Bentley? How important is the relationship between photographer and model?
I love Nicole, I’ve worked with her before and she brings a very compelling story to each and every one of her pictures. Her sensitivity as a photographer and imagination make her stand apart from the rest. I couldn’t think of anyone better to capture the essence of the brands under the QVB roof.


What were your favourite items from the shoot?
I had my eye on a pair of Ferragamo boots, and QVB have a great vintage jewellery store with pieces that are to die for.

What do you think it is about someone that makes them a great model? It’s obviously a harder job than it looks – why do you keep doing it? Why do you love it?
II think having a unique quality that keeps you different from the rest and professionalism to keep people wanting to work with you. I love to move when I am modeling, it keeps me awake. Some photographers say I am one of the best movers in the industry, which I don t believe, but I guess that is what has given my career such a long run, and I am grateful.

What do you think makes Aussie models so appealing to an overseas market?
Our happy go lucky attitudes, our love for health and fitness, that Aussie glow that shines from deep within. Australian’s work to live, we don’t live to work. We can be a little crazy at times, but hey, that keeps it exciting.


How did you enjoy your experience on The Face? What is your assessment of the emerging modelling talent in Australia?
I loved filming The Face, it was such a great experience and another strong benchmark in my career. I loved mentoring young Australian models; we have so much talent here. It is great to see Australian talent on the rise and so prominent in the fashion industry abroad. My girls are doing great, some of them are working successfully internationally. So I’m proud. Go #teamnicole!

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