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What is your role with Review?

I am the Head of Design. I look after the design team and the direction of the product each season. So there’s a design team of five designers and we design everything originally here in Australia, we’re not a brand that goes overseas and copies.


So tell me about these windows, how did this come about?

We had the fantastic opportunity given to us by MYER to have the windows, so we jumped on it. We’ve been working with Illustrator Megan Hess on our current photoshoot which is inspired by Paris, the city of love and all things beautiful and French so we took that concept just a little bit further, and gave each window a theme. So we’ve got the “knit one, pearl one” with the knitwear and pearl details, “say it with flowers” because florals are huge for Review and we always have a floral palette. We’ve got “love at first sight” because we have a big red story in store at the moment so picking up on that colour. “Standout from the crowd” is our take on the 20’s jazz and Great Gatsby kind of themes, bringing in those jewel tones and different purples, teals and bling. “Spots” is just really cute and playful and we have “pretty as a picture” which has some of our other beautiful garments. We also created a one of a kind dress for MYER Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney City which is a small exclusive run just for the three big MYER store.



I’m loving the floral window – it’s just caught my eye! Who came up with this concept?

I love it, it’s my favorite one. So we worked with Jeremy Taylor on a VM point of view, so he made these come to life. He’s a freelancer who’s worked with us before and he worked with Megan Hess to develop what the concept was, all the backdrops and props and so he’s really made it come to life.


So what does it mean for Review to be associated with such an established and well-known brand such as MYER and to have your own window of every MYER store.

It’s huge. Review has been in MYER for around 18 years, not exactly sure!


I mean Review is extremely established in it’s own rightbut it means some great attention for you guys.

It’s fantastic! We’ve had a strong relationship with MYER and we’ve never been given this opportunity and MYER have been very happy with our performance in store. We’re one of their top brands from a fashion perspective so it’s an honour for them to think of us as well.


Review are masters at the refined yet flirty Parisian chic look.



For going so long, what keeps you guys fresh and current?

Because we have our own individual style, very feminine and vintage inspired, we know our customer and we know what she likes. We’re not slavish to the trends so we’re not going to compete with some of the fast fashion retailers out there. It’s just a real feminine look and very ladylike and very fun as well. We always look at ourselves and think that we’re kind of fun and feminine and flirty – that’s our three things we always think of in design.


This is Autumn/Winter 2012 – which looks great, however what can we expect from Spring/Summer 2012/2013? Can we get a little taster?

(laughs!) Of course, Spring/Summer is our most exciting season with Spring Racing and all of those kind of things that go on, so you’ll get some more florals…


My favorite!

Yep! Colours, amazing colour palettes from some intense jewel tones to sorbet inspiredpalettes.


Such a dynamic and vivid Visual Merchandising display – in love with the floral window!



And in terms of Review, what have got to expect in the next 12 months or so.

Well it’s very exciting – we are launching our e-commerce site in July, so launching with the new season product which means all of our Spring Summer range! That’s very exciting for us and hopefully we’ll work with more opportunities around Spring Carnival to tie in with a few other brands and we will definitely be showing during Melbourne Spring Fashion Week in September.


How exciting! What will you be showing?

We’ll be showing our Spring Summer range, so can’t wait to share it with everyone.


The windows look just stunning and you can view them until the 5th of June and check out the wonderful in store anytime. We will keep you up to date with all information on the new e-store as well as all the MSFW news!

Thank you Lisa Tyler and Review for your time. Congratulations!



The one of a kind outfit made with an exclusive run – available only at MYER Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney City.



New product available at MYER Melbourne on Level 2. A must visit!

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