With lots of make-up brands on the market, it’s difficult to find a product which will get you through each day and special events, without smudging and making you look flat. What better product to turn to than one designed by a make-up artist! One of Australia’s top make-up artists, Antoinette Bekos, has used her 20-plus years of experience in the industry to create her own line of make-up products, which every woman must have in her make-up bag.  Couturing interviews Antoinette to find out more about her new make-up line, and her tips and tricks to getting your make-up right.





1. You started as a hair and make up artist before starting your own make-up line. Why did you decide to start your own cosmetics range?


Make up needs to be simple.  Once someone teaches you the basics, then you can look good all the time.  AB Makeup is about the basics and you can get colour from anywhere.  It’s also about quality and I wanted to be able to make everyone realise that it’s not hard to look and feel good. I always wanted to be able to develop a product range that embodied these things.



2. How do you think having a background as a make-up artist helps create high quality products?


Experience is everything.  Experience adds a realistic element to my product because you are buying cosmetics designed by a makeup artist! By meeting and working with many different people, I have listened to what they hate about buying makeup and what is lacking in such a big market.  Most of the time it’s about it being too hard and overwhelming!  I’d never put my name to a product unless I thought it works!



3. Why should every woman use AB Makeup?


AB Makeup feels good, looks good and is easy to use.



4. What are the key products every woman must have in their make-up bag?


A good primer, foundation, powder, bronzer, mascara and lip colour.






5. Make-up trends, like fashion is very cyclical. What key trends have stood the test of time?


Flawless skin, brown eyeshadows, rosy cheeks and black eyeliner.



6. What are some of the challenges you’ve faced working in the make-up industry?


Managing talent’s expectations on how they want to look, compared to producers expectations on how they would like their talent to look – because lighting is everything in television!  Hiring the right skilled staff to fit the team and job requirement as well as having the right personalities. And in my ten years of running a network department, I have the best team in the business



7. One of your passions is bridal make-up. What do you love about working with brides on their special day?


I love working with brides because they appreciate what you do for them and they feel amazing when you make them look beautiful for their special day – it’s a happy occasion.



8. What are your key make-up tips for any woman?


Always feel comfortable in the makeup you wear. Don’t follow trends and wear what suits you.  Don’t over cover/conceal your face – keep it flawless and natural.




9. How do you put your own twist on classic make-up looks like smoky eye, and dramatic lips?


My twist on a smokey eye is not to always think that smokey means black.  I love to do a bronze smokey eye… smokey to me means you look smokin!  Dramatic lips are always strong colour and it becomes the focus of the makeup. I never do a smokey eye and dramatic lip at the same time.




10. What exciting things do you have planned for the coming year?


Finding retail exposure for AB Makeup!




Thanks Antoinette for answering our questions. All the best for the future and your make-up line.




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Lisa Teh is the Editor-in-chief of Couturing.com, one of Australia's top fashion, beauty and lifestyle resources. She has worked on campaigns with brands including David Jones, Myer, Mecca Cosmetica, Simone Perele, Lenovo and L'Oreal. She recently appeared in Couturing's exclusive Australian Fashion Week reality web series, The Frow, alongside top industry names including Toni Maticevski and Maybelline Creative Director Nigel Stanislaus.

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