Give hot summer nights the flick and enjoy a more satisfying night’s sleep with the introduction of SleepMaker’s KülKōte mattresses and pillows, designed to keep Australians not too hot, not too cold, but ‘just right’ all year long.


General Manager Anton McKernan said that KülKōte by SleepMaker is an Australian first technology that sees SleepMaker continue to redefine what a great night’s sleep means. It uses similar technology to that used in spacesuits to regulate astronauts’ body temperatures and is used in Michelin racing tyres to help keep them cooler.

“KülKōte helps you get a perfect night’s sleep by managing yours – and your bed partner’s – body heat by keeping your temperature cool and consistent throughout the night,” SleepMaker General Manager Anton McKernan said. “KülKōte is a water-based coating, which contains temperature-reactive microcapsules that are activated when laid on. Pronounced ‘cool coat’, the exclusive technology is applied to the top layer of selected Australian Made SleepMaker mattresses.


“The microcapsules absorb excess heat energy, store it, and then release it back when needed and this continuous cycle helps manage temperature and keeps you more comfortable in bed.”


Overheating in bed doesn’t just leave people tossing and turning, it actually prevents them from achieving the deep levels of truly restful and regenerative sleep needed to manage their busy lives. According to the Sleep Health Foundation about 60% of people report at least one sleep-interfering symptom three or more times per week.

Mr McKernan said SleepMaker KülKōte mattresses are a great solution for couples who have mismatched sleeping temperatures. “Overheating in bed can make it harder to fall asleep, cause more frequent waking throughout the night and disrupt rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. These can all lead to poor quality sleep and tiredness the following day. Your choice of bed, bed linen and bed clothes are a major factor when it comes to sleeping temperature – the makeup of the mattress, the bed covering materials used and the type of bed clothing worn can be incompatible with really hot sleepers because they hold heat and make the already warm sleeper even warmer in bed.”

Auckland University testing found that in a simulation of someone asleep on the KülKōte mattress, the sleep surface reached 29°C and stayed at this temperature for 22 straight hours. On a traditional mattress (without KülKōte), the sleep surface reached and remained at 35°C for 22 hours. SleepMaker has partnered with American tech innovator KülKōte to infuse its Australian Made mattresses and pillows with the patented temperature-reactive microcapsules. The KülKōte range is available from select SleepMaker retailers.


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