Every woman must have a good lipstick in their makeup bag. With just one swipe it can brighten your mood, take your makeup from a day to night look and give you that extra little bit of confidence you need to make it through the week. When it comes to the perfect lippie, ILIA has certainly caught our eye with its beautiful colours and natural formulation.

We caught up with ILIA founder Sasha Plavsic to find out more about this exciting brand and find out why every woman needs and ILIA lipstick in their makeup bag.


We love that you decided to quit your job, downloaded a PDF on how to start a cosmetics company, then created ILIA. Can you tell us more about the process of creating your own line?

It started out as a project and I think because I didn’t quite know what I was doing it was similar to what I would have done in Art College, which included lots of research and exploration. It took 2 years from conception to completion and involved narrowing everything down to our first product, the Tinted Lip Conditioners, in 6 shades. From there, I mailed a couple samples to some of my favorite specialty boutiques in the world such as Colette in Paris. When they picked it up, it changed everything and realized that perhaps I should keep going.

How is ILIA different to other lip products on the market?

At the time when we launched there weren’t that many organic-contemporary colour cosmetic lines and felt they could only be found at organic shops. It was important to create a product that could be fairly clean, with a higher organic percentage and still perform. We are known for our moisture and varying fashion forward shades and packaging. Essentially it had to be good on the inside and out.


How did your passion for organic products develop and how did you apply this passion when creating ILIA?

I grew up in a household with a brother that was fairly ill as baby and child. Because of this my mother switched the family over to an organic diet and was cautious about different toxins found in food and household products. Since makeup is made up of many food derived products and plants it made sense to see what we could get away with in order for the product to be clean and still work as a cosmetic.

What challenges did you face when you decided to create your own line?

Quite a few..and it doesn’t stop still today. Initially it was the challenge of learning something completely new and understanding what really went into these products. We went to three laboratories before finding the right fit, and many of them were not honest about the source of ingredients being used. I was also told that what I wanted to do was not possible. It took meeting the right people to make everything work out, and I would say that continues on today as we continue to grow – finding the right team.

We are loving all the bold colours you’ve created for your range. When deciding on hues, where do you look for inspiration?

The runways will dictate many of the shades, but sometimes it can be something so simple as a color or swatch I see in a piece of fabric or photo. Not all women believe they can wear a bold tone, but one of the best aspects of this job is figuring out what will work with a woman’s features and skin tone. We’ve converted quite a few “soft pink” customers to bold and daring hues such as our cult favorite ‘Neon Angel’.


It would be hard to pick a favourite but is there a product from your line that every woman should have in their beauty bag?

One of our best selling shades was slow on the uptake as it appears darker than when applied; its Arabian Knights, Tinted Lip Conditioner, a beautiful soft berry that will suit nearly every skin tone and hair color. It’s loved for its moisture, ease and versatility.

What do you love most about lipstick?

Lipstick is empowering. If you are running out the door, a couple swipes of a lipstick can change your mood and look instantly and make you feel ready to take on the day. Perhaps a bold red for confidence, a bright pink for playfulness, the combinations and emotions are endless.

What are your makeup bag must haves?

A Lipstick or Tinted Lip Conditioner, our Polka Dots and Moonbeams Illuminator (to add vitality to the skin) and a couple coats of Nightfall mascara.

What’s your signature beauty look?

A statement lip and glowing skin.

What exciting things do you have planned for ILIA?

We are approaching a full line this year and have many new pieces to offer in the collection. I do believe in keeping things simple and will have some guides about how to do this coming soon. The list is never ending and that is what keeps us going, along with making woman beautiful and happy.

You can shop ILIA in-store at Mecca Cosmetica and online at Mecca.com.au now.

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