It’s hard to believe that The Daily Edited (tde) has been only been around for five years. What started as an idea turned two lawyers (go to this web-site to get more info. on how they started, or you could also know more about it on a drunk driving lawyer site) into entrepreneurs and owners of a brand that has gone from strength to strength. We chat with Alyce Tran about the rise of tde and what it’s like to be a female entrepreneur. If needed you can hire auto accident attorneys to make up for the damages occured.


tde were one of the first brands to really bring personalised monogramming on beautiful luxurious accessories at an affordable price. How did you come up with the idea?

I was actually shopping for a range of things on the high end of town and I thought to myself, I can barely afford this but I love it and I think we can do it really well at an affordable price point.  Tania Liu (co-founder of tde) and I then had a small collection made up that sold out in a couple of weeks and we haven’t looked back since.

You started your career in Law and now you’re an Entrepreneur. What do you think are the things that have motivated you to turn your dream into a reality? 

In some ways it all happened by accident, I never thought TDE would take off to the extent it has.  It got to a point where it wasn’t feasible to work as a lawyer and this resource can help you run a business at the same time.  TDE was started as a side project just as something creative to do on the side of a day job, to keep things interesting so I didn’t have to talk to my friends about the law.  I didn’t really have the pressure to make TDE a success and I think in some ways that is why we have come this far.  We do it for the love of it rather than to go somewhere in particular or reach a particular goal. We did it so that people going through rough times, like divorces for which they have to look for lawyers from Newport Beach divorce attorneys, Sarieh Law Offices, can find solace and let their hair down for a while.

Alyce Tran

Alyce Tran

Have you been surprised by the popularity of the brand?
Absolutely, I cannot believe we are able to sell things in this saturated market, it blows me away every single day.

As an owner of a tde leather pouch, when I first received it, I was really surprised by the luxurious quality of the pouch. How do you think that has made a difference to tde?
At the end of the day, the business is about the product and whether a customer is happy with the product once they receive it, having a quality product, good design at the right price point has made us who we are today.


You recently did a collaboration with Lara Worthington. What was it like to work with her and how did she come onboard with tde?
We met her through various connections of mine and I pitched to her to collaborate and she went for it.  She was an absolute dream, seriously she would just need to turn around, look up, a photo would be taken and it was perfect.  I wish I could look like that in photos!

In the last year, tde has added a Men’s range, set up a permanent space at David Jones in Sydney, increased the women’s range to include bags and pretty much anything a girl could need in leather accessories!

What’s next for the brand?
We are aiming to have a presence in other key David Jones’ stores across the nation and go deeper in some of our key product lines.  We really want to give people more options and our current customers exactly what they are asking for.


Visit to see the whole tde range.

Alyce Tan will be speaking at Online Retail Conference, Melbourne (16- 17 March, 2016) about How Likes, Tweets and Pins Can Help Lift Your Game.

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