When people think of winter they rarely think of going down to the beach, which is the exactly why you should consider it.  The Mornington Peninsular is a sprawling wonderland and now – when the swarming summer masses have all but gone into hibernation – is when you can look beyond the beaches and get down to business.

If you are one of the lucky few with access to a beach house be it via a relative, friend or frenemy, you’ll be able to check off more activities.  For those of you without the aforementioned connections don’t fret, because the new Peninsular Link tollway makes getting down to the peninsular a pain-free experience, perfect for the day trippers.



Get lost at Ashcombe Maze

Ashcombe Maze boasts Australia’s oldest and biggest traditional hedge maze (so it’s totally vintage).  There is a north and south hedge maze along with a rose maze (although the rose maze is a little lack lustre in winter).  You can race your friends through the maze (try to save Cedric Diggory’s life), stroll around the vast grounds and end up at the cafe for that perfect post-maze delicacy, scones!

15 Shoreham Road, Shoreham, Vic 3916


Lunch at D.O.C Mornington

For all those pizza fans out there (everyone), the popular Carlton pizzeria D.O.C. has opened a sister store in Mornington.  D.O.C.’s traditional Italian style pizzas blow their doughy Australian cousins out of the water.  Simplicity is the name of the game at D.O.C. which is good because each ingredient is delicious and deserves to shine.



Dinner at Ten Minutes By Tractor

Even if you don’t have a tractor or ten minutes to spare, Ten Minutes By Tractor won’t mind.  With a casual two chefs hats being awarded in this year’s Good Food Guide, Ten Minutes By Tractor may have gotten a big head, but it doesn’t matter, it has two hats with which to cover it.  With both A la Carte and Degustation menues full of amazing dishes you’ll find it hard to find an excuse not to go.


Visit some Wineries

If you’re partial to fermented grape juice then the Peninsular has what you want.  Once you get into the rolling hills of the peninsular there are more wineries than you could shake a stick at.  Get a group of friends together (along with the one who doesn’t like to drink) and spend a day imbibing the fruits of the land as you jump from cellar door to cellar door.  Just be sure to work out a schedule for the day because you’ll need it, especially after a couple.


Play a round of golf

The Mornington Peninsular is mottled with picturesque golf courses and at this time of year it’s very easy for any beginners out there to play a nice relaxed round without embarrassing themselves in front of a crowd.  The green fees might be a little higher than in Melbourne but the courses are of a higher quality and due to the fewer players, more relaxing (or as relaxing as golf can be).




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