Redefine colour this Autumn by using a matte nail polish to complete your look this year. Worn and endorsed by many celebrities around the globe  including Kelly Osborne and the Kardashians, this look adds a new dimension to nail art, giving your nails diversity and depth.


Along with the launch of OPI’s Matte Top Coat this year, many other brands provide similar polishes in their collections, such as Rimmel London’s Pro Matte Finish ($9.95) which can be purchased at Priceline or online.  American Apparel also have one in their range which can be purchased on their official website.

matte polishes


There are so many great looks you can accomplish by using these matte top coats to play with texture. Below are some ideas you can achieve once you have purchased your matte top coat.


French Tips

One of the most popular trends using a matte finish is the ‘French tip’ which can be achieved very easily. Start with OPI Base Coat followed by their Black Onxy nail polish. Once dry, use OPI Matte Top Coat and allow time for this to dry. Using your Black Onxy once more, paint a thin, glossy line across the tip of your nail.




Checkered Nails

For this look, ensure you have your polishes, sticky tape, scissors and plenty of time. Begin by applying your base coat and your desired lacquer, then wait for it to dry well. Stick a piece of sticky tape on the bottom right-hand corner of your nail, covering one quarter of your nail. Then place another piece of sticky tape on the top left hand corner of the nail ensuring that the two corners of the tape meet. Apply the matte polish in the remaining areas and wait for this coat to dry before peeling off the tape. Once you have peeled off the tape, you have created your checked nail look.




Just by using your favourite colours, sticky tape, scissors and not to mention your matte top coat, you can create any look you desire:







EDGY – Don’t forget you can use any colour.



Playing with textures is the hottest new trend in nails this season. With matte top coat in hand, get creative and experiment with all sorts of nail looks this winter!


Images via: College Fashion; Preen; Perfect Lipstick; Hello Giggles; BeautySnob 

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