Friend of Mine’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection, Gypset, takes form from the mavericks, bon vivants and free-spirits that designer Teale Talbot has crossed paths with in her many travels. The fusion of the nomadic wiles of a wanderer with the sophistication of the contemporary jet set dictates Friend of Mine’s spring summer offering.

When it came to creating the imagery for the spring summer collection, Teale Talbot teamed up with talented photographer Darren McDonald and stylist Tamila Purvis to put the Friend of Mine spin on the Gypset ethos. Shot in studio in Sydney, Talbot and the creative team narrow their focus on the iconic patterns of yesteryear for Friend of Mine’s first foray into print.  Model-of-the-moment Valentina Sykes transforms into a Talbot’s envisaged modern day globe-trotter, draped in kaleidoscope psychedelia for a crisp, contemporary take on paisley.

Working with Sydney-based artist Sarah Webb, the label revisits iconic patterns of yesteryear for Friend of Mine’s first foray into print. Rich royal navy, deep burgundy and lipstick red are married with kaleidoscope psychedelia for a crisp and leopard is lashed with fresh white, washed and manipulated into sleek, body skimming garments.

An unconventional, roaming lifestyle is one Talbot can easily relate to. While reflective of the past, Gypset propels its wearer forward in flawless fitted forms with reckless abandon.

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