frank body has launched a partnership with Pink Hope in the lead up to Bright Pink Lipstick Day on September 2​2​nd.

For the month of September all profits for Lip Duo sales will be donated to Pink Hope to raise awareness about the importance of assessing, managing and reducing the risk of breast or ovarian cancer by checking yourself and reminding other women in your life to do the same..IMG_1038

At the heart of this campaign:
1. Know yo’ self: get to know how your body feels.
2. Check yo’ self: book regular health checks.
3. Call yo’ mumma: know your family’s health history.
4. Spread the word: put your best lip forward. #knowyourrisk

Frank Body founders Jess Hatzis and Bree Johnson are encouraging women to talk with their families and learn more about family history and talk to each other, changing the way we think about cancer and taking a more preventative approach to knowing what may be ahead.

Visit for more information on the Lip Duo and for more information on Pink Hope and Bright Pink Lipstick day




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