Is this you?

+ Fan of horror movies, murder mysteries, crime fiction or puzzles?

+ You enjoy a challenge under pressure?

+ You want an experience unlike any other?

If you said yes to one of the above, the new Escapism experience at Strike Melbourne is for you.

If you’re wondering what Escapism is, look no further than the growing trend of Escape Room experiences in Asia. Locked in a room for an hour, guests are invited to solve clues to (you guessed it) escape.

For the past few years, countries like Singapore have been obsessed with reliving their favourite horror movies or crime dramas putting them in the role of captive or cop. Now in Australia, the originators of Escape Room, have travelled from Singapore to create the same authentic experience that has taken hold of the country.


I’m a huge horror movie fan, and so trying  this out was right up my alley. I invited a few like minded friends and the rest is history.

Escapism Melbourne offers three horror themed rooms – Butchers Bay, Forensics and The Garden. Butcher’s Bay and Forensics offering the greatest challenge and we quickly saw ourselves tied up in a darkly lit room awaiting instruction on how to escape. I won’t say anymore  so as not to spoil it. Suffice to say, we loved it.

The results? An awesome team building adventure or a fun afternoon with friends, try something a little bit different and don’t worry, they have to let you out – eventually.

Escapism now open. Find out more here.

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