Emporium Melbourne fuses the old with the new, housing an impressive 225 local and international retailers (170 of which opened yesterday) within the walls of what was formerly the Myer Emporium building.

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Emporium has “reimagined” the way Melbournians shop, drawing shoppers into the CBD and connecting Melbourne’s retail landscape. The opening of Emporium Melbourne finally re-links the heart of Melbourne’s fashion precinct, with walkways connecting Myer Melbourne, Emporium and Melbourne Central. The newly opened H&M within Melbourne’s GPO, and the soon to be completed Strand Arcarde add international appeal to the mix. The centre boasts the largest collection of Australian designers under one roof, combining cutting edge design with the exterior architecture of yesteryear.

Each store fit out is more impressive as the next, with each boutique striving to provide a truly unique and one-on-one shopping experience for their customers. The opening of international retailers, such as Uniqlo and Topshop, within the complex are set to draw shoppers into the CBD, in turn benefitting their Australian owned neighbours. Shoppers are encouraged to create a retail experience unique to them, with a combination of high street and high end boutiques catering to the needs of each and every Emporium Melbourne client.

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Emporium Melbourne have reimagined the traditional shopping centre ‘food court’, creating a ‘cafe court’ that provides world class dining in a fast paced environment. Celebrity chef George Calombaris’ Jimmy Grants souvlaki bar is a welcome change from the fast food outlets we have grown accustomed to in traditional mall environments.

170 retailers are open now at Emporium Melbourne – a uniquely Melbourne shopping mecca.

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