1.      Diptyque Scented Candle ($99) from Mecca Cosmetica

These candles are beautiful for the home. The perfume is delicious and they make a fantastic gift for anyone. Use whilst having a luxurious bath or allow the scent to permeate your living space. My favourite is the Figuier. For more details, visit

 2.      Miss Dior perfum by Dior ($190) from MYER

This perfume is classic and a must have. I’ve never met a person that didn’t love “Miss Dior”. The scent is elegant and feminine with hints of green chypre and jasmine. To purchase, visit the MYER website.

3. Nars Limited Edition Andy Warhol Silver Factory Gift Set ($320) from Mecca Cosmetica

This pre-made set is the ultimate gift. Expect squeals of delight as the paper is torn away revealing this magical collection of products. Usually in gift sets like this there is one or two good products and a few that you could take or leave. Everything in this set is must have and extremely useful to add to your makeup collection. Not to mention the fabulous packaging. For more information, go to the Mecca Cosmetica website .

4.      Kit Cosmetics Tropical Coconut Body Wash ($19.95) and Body Lotion ($27.55) from Kit Cosmetics

These products make a perfect, yet inexpensive gift for someone who maybe needs a holiday but hasn’t had one in a while. The tropical coconut smells divine and reminds me of times spent on sandy beaches under palm trees. It’s almost as good as a holiday and who wouldn’t want to give that away. Visit for more details.

5.      Signature Active AHA Results Facial ($185) from Aurora Day Spa

At the end of the year, and the end of the party season, there is nothing better than being treated to a spa treatment. However, this particular facial treatment not only cleans the stress away, it literally peels it away. This AHA facial peel removes the past away and allows the new fresh, more youthful you to welcome 2013 with a fresh outlook and great skin. Visit for more details.

6.      OPI The Top Ten Nail Set ($40) from MYER

This set of mini OPI nail polishes in the top ten best selling shades is super cute and makes a fantastic gift that anyone would love. You can’t go wrong with the tried and tested best sellers, so it takes the guess work out of picking a shade. This little set makes a great stocking stuffer or gift for someone that is difficult to buy for. To purchase, visit the MYER website.


1.      Taylor of Old Bond Street, Shaving Set ($110) from Henry Bucks

This exquisite set includes Sandalwood Shaving Cream Bowl, Badger Hair Shaving Brush and Matching Mach 3 Razor in satin lined gift box. Taylor of Old Bond Street provides the hightest quality razors, shaving brushes and men’s grooming products. Visit or for more infomation.

 2.      Body Shop Cactus Brush ($23)

Men’s skin is generally rougher and more textured than women’s. With added perspiration and body hair, it’s important to keep skin exfoliated as to not result in blocked pores. This brush is great for all over the body to keep skin clean and clear. Go to the Body Shop website for more details.

3.      Burberry Brit Parfum ($124) from MYER

Always a great scent for men, Burberry Brit has been a popular fragrance choice for hubbies, boyfriends and dads christmas after christmas. It’s a classic scent that embodies the “modern British spirit’.  We keep buying it hoping to morph them into Robert Pattinson. To purchase, visit the MYER website.

 4.      Organic Executive Nourishing Facial for men $275 from the Men’s Grooming Salon

This restorative and moisturising facial is aimed at improving the health and appearance of male skin. Lasts 60 minutes and your man will leave feeling radiant and relaxed. Visit for more details.

5.      Urban Rituelle His Gift Pack, POA.

The Urban Rituelle “His” range is Australian made and organic. This pack covers all his grooming needs and smells fantastic. Order gift pack online or buy products seperately. Products are affordable and will leave his skin clean and clear with no harsh chemicals. Visit the Urban Rituelle website for more details.

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