An estimated 25.4 million refugees around the world, more than half of which are under the age of 18, have been forcibly displaced due to war, persecution and famine. With many facing no safe, available routes to the UK to seek asylum, a record amount of deaths were reported in 2017, and Help Refugees wants to change this. They have once again teamed up with Katharine Hamnett to build on their success of the iconic ‘Choose Love’ T-shirt, to create a Choose Love organic cotton lingerie range, exclusive to ASOS.


The range is made up of mix and match separates featuring “Choose Love” banding, and all profits from this new lingerie range will be used to support refugees and asylum seekers across Europe and the Middle East.


Thanks to the movement’s incredible volunteers and supporters, Help Refugees is now the largest facilitator of grassroots aid in Europe – funding projects on the frontline in France, Greece, Italy, Serbia and Turkey, as well as Iraq and Syria.  Josie Naughton, Co-founder and CEO of Help Refugees says of the collaboration, “We all have a choice. To be motivated by fear and animosity, to build walls and turn our backs on the world – or to embrace hope and recognise our common future. To choose love. We can talk endlessly about politics and the different reasons for the current crisis, but the fundamental thing that drives us is love. If you see someone without food, you should help feed that person; if people are cold, we should help them be warm. If we all had love at the heart of every decision, the world would be a better place”.



The range is now available at with prices starting from $12AUD.

Images courtesy of ASOS. 

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