L’Oreal Paris Volume Million Feline Lashes Mascara ($24.95)


For me, a good mascara needs to have a great formulation that doesn’t clump, spreads well onto lashes and doesn’t smudge. Secondly the wand needs to be the perfect shape to ensure the mascara covers every lash to create the perfect eye. L’Oreal Paris Volume Million Feline Lashes Mascara ticks all these boxes for me.

The cleverly arched wand has a fine brush that helps to spread the mascara from the roots to the tips and create instant volume even on short lashes like the ones I have. The formulation doesn’t clump and glides smoothly onto the lashes. Two coats provides good coverage and after wearing it for a whole day it doesn’t smudge or wear off.

The lash formulation contains Argan and Camelia oil to nourish lashes whilst you’re enhancing your eyes. I think that’s a win win. Plus also at an affordable price of $24.95, it’s a great option for those beauty lovers that are budget conscious.

Available at Priceline, Chemist Warehouse and leading supermarkets.


Patchology Smart Mud No Mess Mask ($44)


You don’t ordinarily associate mud mask with the words mess free but Patchology’s Smart Mud No Mess Mask is a great product to treat your face without the mess normally associated with your run of the mill mud masks. Patchology is new to Australia and launched recently at Mecca and prides itself on its innovative FlexMasque technology that is designed to balance the convenience of a sheet mask along with the efficacy of mask ingredients for enhanced skincare.

The SmartMud No Mess Mask aims to detox and purify the skin with a mineral-rich volcanic ash, detoxifying kaolin clay, oil absorbing charcoal, hydrating glycerin and skin plumping collagen. It’s designed to clear your complexion and clean out pore-clogging debris without the associated skin tightness normally experienced with mud masks.

The mask is easy to use and apply, with the removal of one side of the patch and applying to the face and then taking off the other side of the patch and then molding it to the shape of your face. It really is like having a second skin and you only have to use the tips of your fingers to ensure the mask covers all parts of your face.  The patch doesn’t dry out while you have it on your face and presumably the moisture helps to open the pores and detoxify the skin. I took the patch off and threw it in the bin and just rinsed my face and dabbed it dry with a face cloth. I have to say that my skin looked and felt amazing after. The clarity of my skin and less noticeable pores on my nose and cheeks was really great. My skin also felt hydrated and plumper after I used the mask, the perfect base to add other skincare products.

The patches can be purchased as a singular ($11) or a pack of 4 ($44) from Mecca Cosmetica. If you’re looking for a easy no-mess mask alternative then I would highly recommend giving this a try.


Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Liquid Foundation ($65)


Lightweight foundations are my thing. I hate wearing heavy makeup so for me it’s all about finding a foundation that is lightweight, has great coverage and is long lasting, oh and it doesn’t leave my skin feeling oily. Urban Decay’s Naked Skin Weightless Liquid Foundation is my latest find that does all the things I need a foundation to do!

The foundation can be built up to increase coverage but you don’t need a lot to create a natural base.  It doesn’t feel heavy and melts into the skin to give a natural look. I loathe reapplying makeup during the day and find that this is really long wearing. I also find that the formulation doesn’t leave my skin oily and works well with a variety of primers I’ve been testing out. I have been happy with my purchase of this foundation and it’s been a constant for the last couple of months as my go-to for my every day work face! A word of advice, it’s definitely worth trying out a few shades to match your skin perfectly. Funnily enough when I was in Mecca and trying to work out which shade suited me best, it was one that I didn’t pick up at first because I thought it was too yellow for my skin tone. So it’s definitely worth the time to pick the perfect shade!

Available at Mecca Cosmetica and www.mecca.com.au


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