I think we’ve all harboured dreams of running away and joining the circus at one stage in our lives. I don’t know exactly who it is to blame: the ridiculously cute and well trained animals, the absurd yet adorable clowns, the allure and mystic of the Big Top, or, more recently, films ala Water for Elephants that romanticise the hell out of joining a travelling troupe of misfits.

Honesty though, I think we can all admit that one of the biggest draw cards for the circus has got to be the trapeze artists. The sheer physicality of the men and women who can so elegantly throw their bodies around the trapeze and aerial ropes, making us believe that flying is the easiest thing in the world, is something to behold. When you understand the muscle and precision involved in executing a perfect release-and-catch, you will release why trapeze workouts are beginning to soar in popularity (sorry).

While activities like running, cycling and Zumba target your lower body and cardio, the trapeze is all about core strength. Sure, arms are important – they’re the things gluing you to the bar, after all – but without a solid core, you won’t be doing much but dangling up there. However, it’s not just about physical strength; the mental workout you’ll receive is just as intense (almost). Not only do you need to push yourself to let go of the trapeze, but you need to trust the catcher to, well, catch you.

Flying Trapeze Centre in Blackburn is a leader in air-based workouts in Melbourne. With over 25 combined years of teaching and performance, they offer a safe and fun environment in which to help you finally realise your circus potential. A single class with them will see you attempting your very first release-and-catch (in safety lines, of course), as well as learning which muscles you need to strengthen. Basically, if you can hold your own body weight for at least five seconds (and you’re not afraid of heights!), then you have all the prerequisites to conquer the flying trapeze with the greatest of ease.

If you’re intrigued and want to have a go stepping into the ring, Flying Trapeze Centre is holding a two day intensive class on April 15 and 16 with 12 hours of airtime and a bonus session of yogalates. Or, if you want to truly learn the ways of a trapeze artist, term 2 starts on April 26, so sign up now for nine weeks of high flying fun.

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