Healthy eating has just got a whole lot better with Yo-Chi, the latest brand to jump on the emerging frozen yoghurt trend.

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98% fat free and using only the finest natural ingredients, Yo-Chi provides what every sweet tooth dreams of: the chance to indulge in what we love to eat without the added calories and hidden nasties. In addition to that, they use freshly cut fruit prepared daily on site, which means you’re in for a treat because fresh is always the best.

For those of you who have never experienced Yo-Chi before, creating your personalised frozen yoghurt is like working a Slurpee machine, the only twist being that you get to choose from a variety of toppings such as mango pop pearls, almonds, blueberries and much more. It’s quite simple really – first you choose the yoghurt flavour you want to have as base. There are traditional flavours such as vanilla, coconut and chai, but if you’re feeling adventurous I highly recommend the lime and avocado, apple pie and hazelnut. Each of the flavours are rotated occasionally, so you’ll always be introduced to something new and exciting every time you go there.

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To top it all off, add any topping you desire and voila, you have yourself your mini heaven in a cup.

The point of difference with Yo-Chi is that they always find the natural approach – not only is their dairy range produced from authentic Greek yoghurt but they also pride themselves in finding natural alternatives to their vegan range, using ingredients such as pure coconut milk, soybean and avocado to provide that deliciousness we all know and love from yoghurt. As a dessert enthusiast myself, we can now officially say goodbye to guilty eating!

However, the icing on the cake is the sweetness aspect of Yo-Chi. Instead of adding artificial sugars and sweeteners, they use honey, organic agave nectar or raw, unprocessed sugar. What’s even better is that many of their ingredients are from local Australian suppliers, so by eating at Yo-Chi not only are you reaping the benefits of frozen yoghurt but you’re supporting local causes and the Australian farms that work tirelessly to provide us with fresh produce to nibble on.

So if you have an appetite for life and highly crave that good accomplished feeling after eating a healthy dessert without all the guilty baggage, then it’s time to make a trip to Yo-Chi.

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Images courtesy of Yo-Chi and Karon Photography.


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