If your personal preferences were the only factors that mattered in choosing a career, where would you be working right now? What kind of job would you have? What would your typical day look like? These questions aren’t just a good source of daydreaming material; your answers to them can provide you with a real insight into which industry and/or profession might be your true calling.


Can You Actually Choose Your Dream Industry?

The reality is there are several things beyond our preferences that shape the career path we take. Location, opportunities available, finances, pressures from family and society… there are a multitude of elements that come into play, and nobody’s cocktail of external influences has the same recipe as another person’s. Sometimes it feels like what you want to do doesn’t even come into the picture.

But this is rarely the case. Compared to previous generations, people in the workforce today have more freedom to pursue careers that really do satisfy their interests and passions. With the right attitude and some assistance from a vocational education and training provider like Careers Australia, you can discover an open door into just about any industry you might fancy.

How Can You Identify Your Dream Industry?

Much like trying to remember the ones you’ve had while asleep, identifying the industry of your dreams is often difficult. Fortunately, there are ways to distinguish the blurry edges and develop a clearer idea of where your ideal profession might be.

Methods for narrowing down your options can include:

  • Consulting with a vocational coach
  • Discussing your strengths and interests with family members and close friends
  • Reflecting on your favourite hobbies and identifying why you enjoy them
  • Considering what activities and tasks you find rewarding.

The quiz below can serve as a great starting point for working this out. Even if the outcome you get isn’t the perfect fit, the questions should give you an idea of the factors that are worth taking into account.

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