Last week I had the pleasure of popping into the newly renovated Trophy Wife salon in Bridge Road, Richmond which has just been converted into an all-round beauty space, housing some of the loveliest brands such as Evo, Shanghai Sally and Kester Black and more. We were celebrating owner and creator Chelsea Bagan’s collaboration with nail polish guru and Kester Black creator Anna Ross. The two teamed up to bring us a fabulous booklet of wonderful nail polish designs in cute and quirky colours, entitled The Hand Book, along with a range of colours that have the mark of the collaboration on the bottle.



Everyone at the launch was there in great spirits and there to support a brand and salon that are fast becoming Melbourne icons on the beauty scene. It is fabulous to see two intuitive and bubbling businesses come together to create a range that is fun, accessible and really encompasses the summer vibe we are all longing for. The colours are soft mauve, glittering silver, bright citrus green and gorgeous nude pinks. Perfect for all occasions and styles.



I spoke to Kester Black‘s Anna Ross during the night, and she described the process of collaborating with Trophy Wife‘s Chelsea Bagan as very natural. The two met and it was an instant creative soul mate connection. Anna says of Chelsea that she got her “vibe” instantly and everything just flowed in the collaboration. She also showed her things that she had never thought of before or thought might not work, but instantly knew it was the right creative direction for them to take.


For those who haven’t tried the Kester Black polish, you may have heard me rant on in previous articles.  I won’t go into much more detail other than saying it is now the one and only polish I will use.  The new range of colours from the collaboration as well as The Hand Book, can be ordered online at the Trophy Wife or Kester Black websites. The Hand Book is a must have and great for a gift, so hop to it.




For more information on the range visit www. kesterblack.com and www.trophywife.com.au

Photos courtesy of Georgia Pollard, and Kester Black.

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