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Defy limp locks with a product that packs a voluminous punch.

Over 1 in two women have fine hair, often experiencing lack of body and radiance and find their hair difficult to style.

With this, Kerastase Paris introduces new Reistance Volumifique, a collection of four hair care products to build volume and hair mass. Thank the heavens!

While the cuticle of fine hair is the same size as the cuticle of think hair, the difference lies within the cortex and those with fine hair are genetically predisposed to a low cortical mass index resulting in a lack of volume and shine.

While many volumising products create frizz and dryness, Resistance Volumifique works on both the internal structure and externally on the hair fibre to rematerialize the hair from root to tip building effortless body and shine.

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I’ve found my two Summer hair essentials in Kerastase’s Bain Volumifique (Thickening effect bath) and Gelee De Soin Volumifique (Thickening effect care).

The cleansing bath (Bain Volumifique) works to create a visible thickening effect without weighing the hair down by providing internal structure and reinforcement. To complement this, the Thickening effect care (Gelee De Soin Volumifique) has an ultra light gel texture as opposed to a heavy cream based conditioning formula, leaving hair light and luminous. It controls frizz and adds shine without weight, expanding the hair fiber for amplified volume.

What I love most about this product, having tried many a volumising product before, is it’s ability to add body without drying or creating frizziness. It left my hair feeling deliciously light while remaining smooth and tame.

I can’t wait to try the thickening effect mousse for those days I feel like embracing my natural curls and the volumifique spray, giving luscious locks an extra boost!

Good bye dry, dull hair, hello weightless volume!

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