New Galaxy Research from Uncle Toby’s recently revealed that Australians want to be healthy and we’re tired of buying into the latest fad diets to do so. The research was quite revealing about how Australians are fed up with food trends with 94% of Aussies believe that eating the latest fad food has become a status symbol and how 41% of Aussies who choose to start their morning with a simple bowl of breakfast cereal make better health decisions throughout the day.

Leading Australian dietitian, Geraldine Georgeou said, “It’s refreshing to see that the majority of Aussies are able to look past the craze of food trends and fad diets. Aussies are right in saying that there are other foods which are just as healthy as the latest fad food, so investment in this isn’t necessary.” We sat down with Geraldine to ask her about the research results about food trends and asked her what her top tips are for a healthy and balanced diet.

Why do you think Australian’s are fed up with eating the latest fad food?

Many of my patients want a more simple diet approach that improves their health and don’t want to feel guilty if they make the odd unhealthy decision. It’s important to learn balanced eating and quality of life. New Galaxy research commission by Uncle Tobys revealed Australian’s are tired of food trends and fad diets with 94% viewing them as a status symbol.


Why is breakfast so important?

Breakfast is an important meal as it ‘breaks the overnight fast’ to kick-start your metabolism. Breakfast provides fuel for your brain and body and without it you are literally running on empty. The Galaxy research also revealed Aussies who start their breakfast with a bowl of cereal (41%) make better health decisions throughout the day.


With the multitude of cereals available, and the new government ratings system, how can the average consumer know what is best for them?

The Government’s Health Star Rating system is designed to make it easier to identify healthier food options within categories and integrate them into your daily routine. Choosing a bowl of cereal from Uncle Tobys 4+ Health Star breakfast range will give you many of the nutrients you need, and it’s easy to find on the supermarket shelf.

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As we head into winter, what are the food trends you see in the cooler months?

Soups, casseroles, slow bakes in the oven, “hot pot” dishes and other ‘warming’ dishes. Uncle Tobys Oats are also a great healthy and heart warming option for a winter breakfast as opposed to toasties and hot chocolates which are chosen too often.


What are you top nutrition tips?

  1. Make sure you have a balanced breakfast every day – Uncle Tobys 4+ Health Star breakfast range will give you many of the nutrients you need
  2. Be prepared with snacks throughout the day. Fruit with nuts, protein rich yoghurt and reduced fat cheese and wholegrain crackers are easy to have on standby
  3. Stay hydrated and have water on your desk at work
  4. Aim for 20 – 30g of fibre per day to promote good digestion
  5. Plan your meals and make sure they are family friendly


For busy individuals, do you have any tips for them to stay healthy and tips to maintain a balanced and nutritious diet?

1. Have snack on hand which can also be kept in your draw at work or in your staff room’s fridge. Tuna and crackers, nut bars, wholegrain crackers and peanut butter, reduced fat

yoghurt and fruit and nuts are easy to grab and go. This will help concentration throughout the day and help you feel full and happy!

2. Keep food choices simple and accessible – a quick bowl of Uncle Tobys 4+ Health Star breakfast range will give you many of the nutrients you need to start your day.

3. Drink water as your preferred drink throughout the day and limit your coffee intake to 2 per day. Another tip that makes a difference is incidental exercise, try the stairs instead of the lift and go for a walk at lunch.

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