Melbourne has been graced with the presence of the prestigious Eifman Ballet, all the way from Saint Petersburg, Russia. Couturing were lucky enough to attend the breathtaking Tchaikovsky performance last Thursday night.




The Eifman Ballet has been showcasing two performances, Anna Karenina and Tchaikovsky, at the beautiful Regent Theatre on Collins Street. Boris Eifman, their brilliant choreographer, has captivated Melbourne audiences with his emotionally rich and moving stories.


As soon as the curtains were drawn, the mood was set for a deep and intriguing tale. The performance opened with a sheer black veil covering the entire stage, with a dormant body on the bed behind it. Immediately, everyone in the audience was fixated on the figure and anxiously awaiting the first sign of movement.



Eifman is renowned across the world for his unique and modern take on performance, promising to deliver not only a stunning ballet, but also a drama and captivating tale.


Tchaikovsky, is based on the life of Pyotr Tchaikovsky, a highly influential composer from Russia. Presented with a condensed, poetic portrayal of the tumultuous life of the composer, audiences are invited to empathize not only with the man on stage, but also with Tchaikovsky himself.


Pyotr Tchaikovsky is portrayed as a man plagued by inner torment and a constant battle with his alter ego. Eifman delves into elements such as sexuality, passion, madness, rebellion and shame. It’s these emotionally charged concepts that make the Eifman Ballet stand out not only in Melbourne, but across the world.




The outstanding technical precision and the skillful dancers, who appeared more graceful and fluid with every movement, made for a flawless performance.


When you think of ballet, you may think tutus and tiaras, but The Eifman Ballet is the perfect example of how far ballet has come. Their breathtaking performances take ballet to a whole new level, pushing the boundaries to produce something contemporary and unique.




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