Luxe reformer pilates studio Love Athletica has expanded, opening its third studio in Windsor and sharing the world of Pilates to one and all. We caught up with Love Athletica head trainer, Abby Smith to find out more about Love Athletica and get some of her tips for a healthier new year.

For those that aren’t familiar with reformer pilates, what makes it a great workout?

Reformer Pilates is an incredible form of exercise that helps strengthen and lengthen muscles as well as improving coordination, balance, control and body awareness. At our studios, we take it to another level, offering Pilates with a little more. We throw elements of cardio, plyometrics and Yoga in the mix to give our clients a well-rounded and full bodied-workout. You’ll leave our classes feeling both sweaty and zen.

What are your top tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle?

Eat a balanced diet that works for you
Know your limits but push yourself at the same time.
Everything in moderation… except for Pilates. The more Pilates the better!! I tend to suggest 3-4 pilates classes per week to really reap the benefits and feel a difference.
Rest days are important. Give the body a moment to catch its breath

The studios are beautifully designed. What inspired the design and fit out?

Our studios are designed and created to be the best part of our community’s day. Inspired by the California lifestyle to be welcoming, lively and playful, each studio has its own unique look and feel incorporating space for relaxation and herbal tea pre or post class. With a focus on fresh white, exposed concrete and peach highlights our interiors are spacious and bright with an emphasis on positive wellness.


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