Persol is iconic as it comes in the sunglass and optical world, with a rich history and full back catalogue, so it only seems fitting their heritage is celebrated in a capsule collection. Updating and redefining some of the most-loved styles, the collection brings new colours, and modern innovation to the classic pieces. We spoke with Stewart Walton, Senior Director of Buying for OPSM about the collection, the inspiration behind it, and what makes something iconic.

The Vintage Collection celebrates the iconic shapes and colours from the brands illustrious history by resurrecting styles from the Persol archives – what is the process to create a collection like this? 

As only real icons can, Persol has the enviable capacity of being able to reinvent itself while at the same time remaining true to itself. A history dotted with inventions since it began in 1917 and a tradition of craftsmanship from which Persol picks new treasures for each collection. For the coming summer, Persol is launching Vintage Celebration with new colours joining those selected from its historical archive.


 With such a large selection to choose from, why were this styles selected to be a part of the collection?

At OPSM we ensure we always incorporate our iconic shapes such as the 649 but bring them to life in a new way. We look at ways in which we can provide different features and benefits for our customers. A great example of this is the introduction of the 9649S which sees a lighter and thinner version of the 649 making it ultra-comfortable.


Is it daunting to modernise a classic?

As long as you stay true to its iconic details and only modernise elements that will benefit the wearer. You don’t want to take away from what made the original pair unique so often we will re-vamp the colour palette in a creative way. This season almost all the sunglass models have polarised lenses which is especially great for us Australian Persol wearers. Polarised lenses are perfect for our lifestyle as they help prevent reflective glare from surfaces such as water, snow and even cement which means the colours you see will be more vibrant plus you’ll squint less.  

This collection has been inspired by nature, what prompted this direction?

The Vintage collection’s colour palette emulates mineral tones with the four key colours – Obsidian, Cobalt, Garnet and Amber. We drew inspiration from the sixties when Persol first started experimenting with minerals, crystals and tones to create hues never before seen. The colour palette is great because it ties in with a lot of current eyewear trends without steering away from our heritage. The Obsidian colour is particularly fascinating as it’s based on the beautiful dark emerald grit rock remains after a volcano erupts.

What in your opinion makes something iconic? 

An icon outlasts trends, has a signature look and stays true to its identity. When people see a Persol frame they know it’s a Persol with the iconic supreme arrow. One of my pairs of 649 sunglasses I have had for nearly ten years and I still get compliments on them. I have my eye on the 9649V optical in cobalt for my next purchase and I know I will have them for years to come.

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