Leading a healthy life often requires us to look at various aspects of our life – diet/nutrition, exercise/activities and a healthy mind.
Sometimes it can be hard to make inroads into those aspects! In your experience, how can we start to make small steps to help us shift focus?

It’s all about trying to do less. Or as I say, progress not perfection. I aim to be an 8/10 with my food and my exercise not a 10/10. It is enjoyable, sustainable and still keeps you in good shape.


How can we make healthier choices when it comes to food, especially when it’s Winter and we are leaning into heavier foods.

My advice is to focus on eating real food. Make it from scratch using real food ingredients, or choose the products with the fewest ingredients, like Mayver’s Peanut butter. Just nuts and delicious. In Winter, I would also say watch your portion sizes, as we tend to gravitate towards the heavier meals in bigger portions.

In the last 15 months some of us may have fallen into bad habits because of lockdowns as a result of the pandemic, especially when it comes to food and physical activity – do you have any tips to help us break the funk?

It certainly has been a hard time and we are definitely not out of the woods yet. The best advice is to develop new healthy habits for the new climate. For example, working out at home rather than the gym, or taking a long walk to ensure you get out of the house and get your movement in.

With your food, I would say the number one consideration is to maintain your structure. Three healthy meals in an 8-10 hour window each day, and try to avoid too much snacking, particularly if working from home or in a new schedule.


Leaning into the fact that it’s Winter, what are some of the ways we can integrate more physical activity and exercise into our day-to-day routine?

Home workouts, home workouts, home workouts. It’s what my 28 program is all about and the biggest win is consistency. When you don’t have to leave the house, you can just switch on your phone or computer and press GO. It is amazing how you get into good consistent workout habits and get great results.


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