Good Food Month is in full swing with various events happening across Melbourne. One of our favourite events coming up is the epic event featuring two of Melbourne’s star chefs, David Moyle (Longsong) and Dave Verheul (Embla) in the Longsong x Embla (Dave-inci Code) dinner. Ahead of the dinner on Monday 18 June, we caught up with David Moyle to get the low down on what diners will expect at this epic dinner as well as some tips for the home cook!

We love the name of your event! How did you guys come up with it? Inspired by Michelangelo?  

My ideal name was Michelangelo’s Dave but that didn’t fly. We wanted to do an event that is a little bit fun and yet still had a grounding in a specific cuisine. We both have training and a background in Italian food so it’s nice to focus on a specific element of that culture.


Your menu is a beautiful cacophony of different ingredients and flavours. How did you come up with menu and what were your inspirations? i.e. what is the process and how much trialling and testing goes into it?


We essentially just delved into the history of the cuisine and what the diet would’ve been at the time. There was also a huge class division so that reflects strongly. All of the dishes are not represented in any of our venues so there is heaps of testing happening!

Good Food Month is such a great way to bring our food culture to life. What are you most looking forward to over the month?


It’s a great time for everyone to gather and exchange thoughts, very social and interactive.


What do you think makes Melbourne such a great food city?


I think the weather and the cultural diversity are the two strongest factors for our food identity. Also, our proximity to arable land and agriculture.

You’re using some great ingredients, what are your tips to a home cook to try and use new and different ingredients?


Be prepared for mistakes… I think it’s good to remember cooking similar ingredients and apply what the make-up of those ingredients are. This is the most fun part of cooking!


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