Pinot-philes (defn: Those that love Pinot Noir wine) gathered en-masse on Saturday in Melbourne at the St Kilda Town Hall for the second annual Pinot Palooza, a celebration of all things Pinot Noir.


The fun wine tasting event was a hit with visitors who were able to sample the Pinot Noir on offer from the country’s best winemakers as well as those across the Tasman. Well known local winemakers such as Port Phillip Estate from the Mornington Peninsula and Tarrawarra Estate from the Yarra Valley, mixed it in with lesser known brands such as Curly Flat from the Macedon Ranges, providing visitors with a taste of their finest Pinot Noirs. New Zealand winemakers also made the trip to show us that more than one region in New Zealand produced great Pinot Noir. We’re all very familiar with the Marlborough region which has been producing great Pinot Noirs, but we were also introduced to the Martinborough region which is making a name for itself as another great producer of Pinot Noir.

390 With over 150 wines on tasting, it was a wonderful event to try different types of Pinot Noir wines. As event organiser Dan Sims said prior to the event, “Pinot Palooza will help break the misconception that Pinot Noir is just a light wine – the different styles, from light, medium to heavy, means that there is a Pinot Noir out there to suite your palate”.

With fantastic fare that was available from Huxtable, serving a delicious duck sausage roll, and Rockwell & Sons serving a delicious Fried Chicken, Biscuit and Slaw, the afternoon couldn’t have been more perfect. Add in a DJ mixing tracks in the background, and the event was what organiser, Dan Sims, had envisaged – a fun and entertaining afternoon enjoying one of life’s best drinks, the Pinot Noir.

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Images by James Broadway

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