Infused with exquisite fine fragrance oils, Lumira’s luxury range of lifestyle essentials are a wonderful reminder of the power of scent and how beautiful objects can make a difference to our lives. The brand was founded by Almira Armstrong in 2013 who wanted to share her love of fragrance and travels with the world.  We sat down with Almira to find out more about the inspiration behind Lumira and gain some more insight into the world of fragrance.


Where does the name, Lumira, come from?

Quite simply, Lumira is a combination of mine and my husband’s names. Luke and I were thinking of names together, throwing out all sorts of ideas, and then it struck us that Lumira actually sounded quite beautiful and unique. Quite aptly, the word Lumira is also derived from the Latin word, Lumin, which means light.


The focus is really about drawing out the power of fragrance whether it be through the beautiful candle range or range of fragrances. What goes into creating the perfect fragrance? The process can be long and arduous, but it is so important to me that I get each fragrance just right. Each Lumira fragrance is a unique combination of a number of notes and scents. I work closely with a perfumer here in Sydney – we sit for hours going over each note and the composition of the final fragrance. It is also important to me, and to the brand, that each final fragrance tells a unique story. The Destinations Collection, for example, comprises ten different fragrances, with each resurrecting the scents and fragrances of a particular time and place – this is usually a country I have visited and have been really struck by the unique smells I’ve experienced there.



For those that are looking to find their perfect scent, what should they look out for?

A single fragrance can contain so many notes, that quite often it is hard to pinpoint that exact component within the perfume you are most drawn too. For many people, they will have a category of fragrance that resonates with them more than others – whether it is floral, woody, earthy. They will have a good understanding of a descriptor like these that will make choosing with an expert easier to discern. For me, it is always about choosing a fragrance with earthier, woody tones. A fragrance should not be something that is incredibly overwhelming to your own sense of smell once applied. It should be subtle and clean, with distinct notes picked up by a passer-by.



What are some interesting scents or smells that you’ve come across in your travels?

I often find it is those more foreign floral scents and smells that really capture my attention in more rural parts of different countries – the South of France being one such place that always captures me. I am so often struck by just how pungent and beautiful the scent of flowers are when blossoming. There is nothing more intriguing than the scent of hundred spices in Marrakech – to me that is such a unique sensory experience and one that I could never forget.



As a female entrepreneur, what are the top things you think have contributed to your success?

I think when you are starting your own business, instinct and intuition are paramount. You have to have a really good sense of your brand and make decisions based on what your brand represents and how it functions. I have always found collaboration brings success – people are more receptive to a brand that is willing to help others and also, ask for help when needed. Be kind to people – you never know where they are going to end up.

And, quite simply… work hard and be prepared to work far longer hours than you had ever anticipated.


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