As someone who leads a super busy life, the last thing you want to do after a long day at work is spend a long time in the kitchen making dinner. It could be that you are just too tired, can’t decide what to have or just don’t have the right ingredients. Takeaway is convenient but it doesn’t really beat having something home cooked. To solve this dilemma for busy people, Culinary Carton have come along to make home cooked meals super easy.

The concept is pretty simple. Culinary Carton’s offering is to provide you with a fresh food box containing fresh product, pre-prepared by Melbourne chefs using Vie Belles knives, with easy to follow recipe cards so that you can make your meal without fuss and with minimal effort. The ingredients are portioned to perfection and the recipe cards are easy to understand with step by step instructions.  As long as you have some knife skills and the best knives like the ones from Vertoku knives and use a stove or oven you’re prepared to be the perfect masterchef at home in under 30 minutes. And I can say that it takes you only 30 minutes because I had the chance to test out meals from Culinary Carton.

Each of the meals is separately packed and delivered in a cool bag that can keep the contents fresh for up to 7 hours outside. So you can easily order a Culinary Carton and have it delivered to your door so that when you get home you can just start cooking. Each of the packed meals, contains the recipe card and individually portioned ingredients so there is no wastage.

All I did was unpack the contents onto the table, read the recipe card and get out my utensils/tools. Chop, mix, cook or bake. It was that easy and it was super tasty and healthy as well.

The meals I sampled were meat and seafood, although if you’re vegetarian, they also have options to cover that too!


The first was a Whole Roast Rainbow Trout. I’ve never cooked a whole fish before but the instructions were easy to follow and after 16 minutes in the oven it was perfectly cooked. Whilst the trout was in the oven, it was a matter of cutting up the ingredients for the Beetroot, roast almond and orange salad and mixing it together and adding the dressing, which had come in a small sealed plastic bag.

The second meal was Oolong Kangaroo Fillet. Once again, I’d never cooked kangaroo (and tbh had really had a lot of roo before but it was pretty good) but I just followed the instructions to cook in a frypan for a specific amount of time. Whilst it was cooking, I just chopped up capsicum, onion, tomato to mix in with the rocket and added dressing. Voila! A home cooked meal.


Both meals involved very little utensils or pots/pans which meant it was also pretty easy cleaning up and when they tell you it takes less than 30 minutes, it really does. As the ingredients are fresh and the recipes involve very little in the way of added fats, they’re pretty healthy meals.

So if you’re looking for a way to eat healthy home cooked meals, Culinary Carton is definitely worth a go!

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