What we love about seeing these L’Oreal Paris Runways is that every magazine has a chance to present a nutshell guide to their style and the Frankie runway was no exception – the was very Frankie Magazine! The only runway to feature props, the models guided their beautifully decorated selves through a playground of teepees, birds nests and twigs. A hipsters paradise!
For women, gone are the days of layer upon layer for winter. If you can’t see your sleeves or at least see a silhouette, it’s definately not in. There is a huge return to the two piece suit and dont be afraid to step away from the greys and blacks and try them with different prints. Light fabrics that move are very popular as well as some cute softer colours. Pastel colours of course dominated the runway last night.
Highlights included Limedrop with their range promoting a girl who just doesn’t care. She is soft, cool, calm and collected however very confident in her position. Think Freja Beha. Obsessed with this range. Also a highlight include Nevenka with their star and bird print blouse and two piece. Not one to blend into the background the pom-pom onsesie from Gorman is another standout item.
Photos below.
Photos by Sabine Legrand for Couturing




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