Has there been a moment when you’re on the back of a jet ski, surfing waves, snowboarding down mountains or scuba diving amongst a pool of fish and wish your friends could see what your seeing? Well now they can. GoPro is designed to allow you to share your life through amazing photos and videos with the world’s most versatile camera. This lightweight, high-definition camera can be used in extreme action video photography and is wearable or mountable in almost any place no matter how unusual. Including outside planes, boats, surfboards, cars, or even strapped onto a basketball. Upon typing “gopro” in the hashtag section of instagram I came across an array of inspiring photo’s and videos, the most memorable a basketballs perspective as it was thrown upwards above the neighbourhoods rooftops and backyards.pdp_image_HERO3Plus_black_cluster3

I am a professional snowboarder and thus like sharing all the things I like with aspiring snowboarder starting with The-House snowboard material, as not all know that there more too many materials using which snowboards are made and knowing which one works how and the advantages it has can undoubtedly help a person. So when I first took the GoPro 3 for a ride myself, it was simply breathtaking as the feed I captured using it was clear and crisp making each and every detail visible.

If it wasn’t already good enough GoPro launched its new HERO3+ available in black edition and silver edition late last year. Along with the increased resolution and field of view allowing you to get more into your shot, the new edition of GoPro boasts a battery life improvement and a new waterproof enclosure that is lighter and smaller than the model before, HERO3. And when you think it can’t get any better it does, GoPro has a range of new and improved accessories to cater to everybody’s needs. The new GoPro HERO 3+ Black Edition includes the waterproof housing, a WiFi remote (worth $80 on it’s own), two quick release buckles, two sticky mounts and a three-way pivot arm and charging cable.


If that’s not enough to satisfy your technologic needs there’s more, GoPro also launched a range of new accessories with the release of the HERO3+. Including the Jaws, flex clamp, which is a high-tension clamp with GoPro’s branded mount clip on top and sporting an adjustable neck that will enable you a range of new angles to record from. There’s also the new QuickClip that can hook onto caps without the need to wear the “unfashionable” head strap, and I can’t forget the revised suction cup or the updated regular tripod mounts. GoPro allows those wow moments in your life to be recorded and opens up a door of possibilities into the world of cameras. If you need a visual to get your head around how amazing this new gadget really is please click play on the video to see for yourself what GoPro has to offer. For more information head over to http://gopro.com/

Photo’s from http://gopro.com/ and video via YouTube

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