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Melbourne’s favourite wine retailer, Vinomofo has launched Click & Collect! Gone are the days of waiting by your mailbox for your precious delivery of vino. Now all you need to do is:

Step 1: select your vino on site (this is toughest part, right!);

Step 2: wait while the vino gods (also known as Vinomofo’s warehouse team) pack up your wine;

Step 3: collect wine from said vino gods;

Step 4: Drink

 With a two-hour processing time, you never need to fear about lack of access to good quality, great priced wines ever again.

Vinomofo’s Co-Founder and Joint CEO, Andre Eikmeier said it was a proud day for the Vinomofo team that goes beyond the surface of Click N Collect.  “Click N Collect enables us to not only provide our mofos with exceptional service, but also helps to bridge the gap between online and offline. We now have a great mechanism to share our love, passion and ethos with our tribe personally when they come to collect from us.”

“We’ll be engaging with our tribe personally, talking about their wine choices and welcoming them into everything we’re proud of as they walk through the doors of our warehouse.”

 The Vinomofo warehouse is located at 339 Bridge Street, Port Melbourne and is open Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm.

Visit Vinomofo at www.vinomofo.com.au 

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