When you hear about the Dead Sea the first thing that usually comes to mind is its extreme saltiness. While ordinary sea water has a salt concentration of 3%, the Dead Sea has a 32%. This is, however, not the only thing that makes it unique. Since time immemorial, people from all corners of the world troop to the sea every year to restore beauty and good health. Premier Dead Sea is a brand that bases all its products on the magical powers of the Dead Sea. All its ingredients are natural and are derived from the sea; reviews about Premier Dead Sea testify to the quality of its products.



What gives the Dead Sea these medicinal properties?

That the Dead Sea doesn’t support life and has the ability to heal is a startling fact.  The high level of saltiness also makes it impossible for a swimmer to sink in the briny waters. The sea contains high amounts of minerals like potassium, silica, sodium, calcium and magnesium which provide the best ingredients for the manufacture of Premier’s skincare products.

Premier Dead Sea

As noted above, skincare brand Premier Dead Sea develops its products by harnessing benefits of the elements that have made the Dead Sea popular for its ability to relax the nerves, reduce rheumatic discomfort and activate the circulatory system.

Leveraging the brains of top scientists, Premier fuses technology and natural elements of the Dead Sea to come up with highly acclaimed skincare products. Minerals and essentials in the sea such as magnesium, sodium, iodine and calcium are known to be ingredients for a healthy skin. These properties are beneficial to skin and health. The safest way to treat the skin is by use of natural products and is the main reason why the founders of Premier decided to tap the magical powers of the Dead Sea in making their own products.

Scientists at Premier extract benefits from the sea’s liposomes, plants and minerals and create amazing beauty products, as detailed in this analysis and review of Premier Dead Sea. All products are made in such a way the skin instantly recognizes them as beneficial. They become an important source of nutrients, oxygen and energy.

Beneficial elements of the Dead Sea

With the help of technology, the world’s best scientists at Premier laboratories use elements in the Dead Sea to develop products which are instrumental in making your health good. They all carry various benefits to the skin and our general well-being.



Dead Sea Salt

It is first on the list because it is among the things that make the Dead Sea special. The salt concentration is higher than any other water body on the planet, and has the power to nourish the skin and get rid of skin conditions. The potassium, calcium and chloride in the salt enable the skin to stay firm while magnesium reduces inflammatory problems and hydrates the skin. Premier purifies the salt and includes it in products such as nourishing cleansers and bar soaps.

Dead Sea Mud

The mud is black in color and contains lots of minerals which come from organic materials found on the shoreline. The mud is famed for its ability to soften the sin, remove toxins from the body and improve circulation of blood.

Liposome Complex

Premier’s world renowned scientists use watercress, squash and carrots to develop a unique vesicle made up of phospholipids. The function of the liposome is to add nutrients to the skincare products so they can be as effective as possible. It is also used to improve the functionality of each skincare formula.

Plant Stem Cells

These stem cells act as an ingredient in facial serum (for rebuilding the skin) and give moisturizers and face creams their hydrating properties. They have the ability prevent aging and also replace damaged skin cells.


Dunaliella Seaweed

Considering the Dead Sea provides a most hostile environment for living organisms, it was a surprise when the Dunaliella seaweed was found floating in its waters. This seaweed (a micro-algae) is the only organism that can with stand that environment, and is full of essential fatty acids, lipids, vitamins and proteins. This property enables it to nourish and repair the skin.


Since its establishment, Premier Dead Sea has achieved tremendous global success and this year Mariah Carey, the singer, actress, song-writer and recorder producer graced its 25th anniversary as the brand’s new ambassador. To have a visual appreciation of the brand and its new ambassador, you can check Premier Dead Sea on YouTube to enjoy the wonderful scenery of the Dead Sea and the pleasing appearance of Ms. Carey.

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