Oversized shirts, baggy jeans, sneakers and beanies fill wardrobes that can easily be mistaken for one of a male. We are borrowing from the boys, with women’s clothing being modified from corresponding men’s garments to form something truly amazing. This is no new phenomenon, men’s style has always found a place in our closet. From humble beginnings in the 1970’s, when Yves Saint Laurent empowered women with the pant suit, to the fashion savvy representing it on the streets today. Screen shot 2013-07-23 at 10.05.06 PM

Transverses and trades between male and female wardrobes are a driving force behind the pre- fall collections: oversized blazers, double breasted coats and loose pants shown at Celine. Ready to wear collections, logo shirts and sweaters from the likes of Philip Lim, to beanies and sneakers having a real nineties grunge influence, designers are giving us the freedom to express our inner tomboy.

Not for the faint hearted, never fear, classic feminine tailored style, as seen on style icon Olivia Palermo, still has a firm place in every woman’s wardrobe. Olivia exemplifies the class and sophistication of a pulled together look, her clean and polished style brings on the need for a manicure. Cute, polished, tailored, feminine style allows women to feel luxurious and well kept. Feminine dressing can bring security and confidence like no other.

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In the battle of the sexes, coming to a compromise only seems fair, by merging oversized masculine pieces with tailored feminine accessories, the perfect balance and style is created. Think of your wardrobe as Upper West Side meets Downtown New York. Take risks and experiment with mixing luxury feminine accessories with bold, voluminous, masculine clothing. Loose fitting boyfriend jeans can make you look and feel just as strong, confident and empowering as a figure-hugging, head-turning Herve Leger dress.

Masculinity is not a trend, it is a state of mind, it is about modernity and pushing boundaries, which fashion can be so good at. It is the modern girl’s uniform on the streets, it’s an understated statement, where less is more. There is something so empowering about wearing loose fitting pants and a sleek pair of pointed heels. The casual effortless look has a greater effect and influence, masculine style is offering a different sort of elegance, it is surprisingly modern and here to stay.

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