The popularity of ugg boots is undeniable. These boots are enormously popular because they managed to be warm, comfortable and stylish all at the same time. However, there are some fashion guidelines for the wearing of uggs. Read on to learn more.

DO: Invest in Great Quality Ugg Boots

If you are going to wear uggs and enjoy the benefits they offer, make sure you buy and wear a pair of great quality, genuine sheepskin ugg boots, such as emu uggs. There’s little to be gained from buying cheaper, synthetic alternatives. Unless your ugg boots have a genuine sheepskin shearling, you can expect foot odour and little in the way of warmth. To find a quality pair of ugg boots that will keep you warm and last for many years, visit a reputable online retailer such as MiniJumbuk online.

DO: Wear Them at Home

One of the best pieces of advice for wearing ugg boots fashionably (or at least so that you do not commit any fashion faux pas) is to wear your ugg boots in the comfort of your own home. Remember that it’s not always a mistake to wear your ugg boots outside of the house, but you should be discerning about where and how you do wear them beyond your own front door.

DO: Wear Your Ugg boots With Friends

If you are planning on a comfortable, easy night in with friends, or you are popping over to a good friend’s place to pick something up or drop in quickly, uggs are fine to wear!


DON’T: Wear Your Ugg Boots out to a Dressy Function at Night

Always remember that your ugg boots should not leave the house at night (unless you’re popping over to a friend or family member’s house to do something like watch a movie or you’re heading to a casual outdoor event.). The fashion rule here is that ugg boots should not be worn out to restaurants, night clubs, or to dinner parties. Ugg boots can definitely be fashionable and stylish—they lend a sense of cool to a casual outfit—but they are not generally appropriate at dressy events.

DON’T: Wear (or even attempt to wear) Your Ugg Boots in Warm Climates

As much as you love your ugg boots and really enjoy the experience of wearing them, they have no place being worn in hot climates and hot temperatures. Even if you do think your ugg boots will look great with a pair of short shorts and a sleeveless top, ugg boots are impractical and uncomfortable inthis situation. Don’t take them away on your tropical holidays.

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DON’T wear your ugg boots while exercising

Ugg boots are not the ideal shoe to wear during exercise. This may sound ridiculous, but it’s not too hard to find anecdotal evidence of people wearing ugg boots for activities such as dancing! They will keep you too hot! Choose a more practical purpose-built shoe for exercise and save your cosy ugg boots for wear in colder temperatures (and at times when you are not exercising).

Ugg boots are an exceptionally popular shoe and can be a stylish addition to your casual wardrobe. Consider the tips in this article to help you make an informed decision about when to wear your ugg boots.

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