Dolci, With Love is not your average cookbook – it is a journey through the revitalising Italian way of life via the lens of sweet, sweet treats; because a cake is just a cake until it is shared with loved ones and only then does it become a delicious memory.

Dolci, With Love contains 51 recipes that have been passed on to the book’s creator Steph Wakefield by some very dear friends who live on the exquisite Amalfi Coast, where she calls home.

More over, the pages are a unique amalgamation of mouth watering Dolci, combined with imagery of eclectic faces, frivolities and places along the  breathtaking Italian coastline. Fabulous disclaimer; sans bathers top snaps included. The book, encased with a velvet spine,provides the distinct ability to transcend one to the mighty Mediterranean.

“I hope this book and these recipes entice friends, family and loved ones to the table. I hope stories are shared, bonds are made and new memories are discovered all while enjoying a delicious Italian sweet”, says Wakefield.

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